15 Top Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2021


Best 15 Photo Editing Apps: Nowadays, Facebook or Instagram like Social Network sites everyone at Photos wanted to do and today’s round Mobile Photography trend is much more then Photo him after dragging Edit the social site to upload to the Mobile.

So Photo edit app has been growing too demanding of people are eager to increase the share of many photo editing apps market. However, with so many of them available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. So we have brought some Best 15 photo editing apps.

15 Most Popular Photo Editing Apps For Android Mobile

Below is the list of top 15 best and most popular photo editing apps for Android in 2021, The list is as follows.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

In Adobe Photoshop Express you get a one-stop shop for everything photo related. This Photoshop app sports a simple and easy-to-use interface. It comes with all the essential components you expect from a photo editor. In addition, Adobe Photoshop Express offers over 80 filters, effects, frames and color. It can also take large files.

The Adobe Photoshop Express for your from a tap Edited photos instantly share on social media and YouTube. Downloaded in this Photoshop app is completely free to download.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download

2. Adobe photoshop Lightroom CC

When it comes to an Image Editor who even uses ProfessionalsAdobe Photoshop CC immediately comes to mind. This Android Photoshop App boasts features that can match the Desktop Version, including presets, watermarking, exposure adjustment and RAW photos support. It also comes with a built-in-camera with Advance tools.

While Lightroom CC Google Play Store to download the Free, you need Premium Features reach and Tools Your Photo in sync to Able to Monthly subscription will have to pay for, however, it Desktop on Photoshop and Lightroom Classic access to comes along.

Adobe photoshop Lightroom CC DOWNLOAD

3. AirBrush

AirBrush is the best for photo filter and Retouch tools . As its name suggests, this Photo Touch up app gives you complete airbrushing experience. The Tools for Pimple and Blemish Remover, Body slimmer and Radiant filter, making the teeth bright white and eyes Option is. Its Built-in-camera comes with various live effects.

AirBrush you Social Networking Sites at Retouch went to Photos to share it allows. It is free while downloading AirBrush, this includes Ads and In-app-purchases.


4. Aviary Photo Editor

This Aviary Photo Editor app like Airbrush helps you to blemishes and whiten teeth. This Free photo editor you color setting, color, brightness, contrast etc. manually by Adjust provides the ability to have, when you App One Touch Enhance Mode, then select the option for you with just a few clicks, your photo lowest It will be instantly transform with efforts.

Aviary Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

5. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

At a glance, Bonfire may look like your average, Run-off-the-mill Photo Editor. However, General Editing tools in addition to, Bonfire in an impressive amount Photo filter comes with. Some standard filters include HDR and Black and White. Others are more vibrant and fun. For example, Fancy filter transforms your photos into watercolors, instantly giving them a magical feeling.

Bonfire photo Editing Pro Google Play Store to download the Free is. It comes with in-app purchasing.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro DOWNLOAD

6. Cupslice Photo Editor

If you are looking for one of the best Android photo editor apps that is completely free to use, then you have found it. Cupslice Photo Editor does not come with any in-app purchases.

However, it still manages to provide full photo editor experience to its users but it caters to the needs of your basic photo editor. It has a photo cutter, frames and a bevy of trendy stickers. You can also adjust manual settings like Saturation, Contrast and hue.

Cupslice Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

7. Foodie

If you are a foodie who loves to take pictures, then this photo editing app of the same name is just for you. Many people have criticized stock filters that come with social media apps like Instagram, which are perfect for food photos.

Foodie‘s filters are specifically designed for food shots. Additionally, the app comes with a “Best Angle” feature that helps you line up your shots perfectly.


8. Fotor photo Editor

Fotor is the best Android photo editing App. The App has Vignetting, shadow, Tint and highlights such as Tools Editing meet. Fotor has more than 100 filters, as well as some manual editing can be done in it, which you can not be disturbed.

However, it should be noted that the application has to be signed-in to use. Fotor is free to download on the Google Play Store, although it also comes with In-App Purchase.

Photo Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

9. Lightx Photo Editor

This Photo Editor App that originally made its debut on iOS but Lightx is now on Android as well. Some of its features include Background changer tool, Shape manipulation, Blur and color splash effect.

You can also adjust color balance, levels and curves through the range of sliders. If they are not enough to convince you, Lightx you Photo merging and Photo collages with One-two punch makes.

While any Lightx Photo Editor free Download can, app ads and In-App Purchases included.

Lightx Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

10. Photo Director

If you prefer to do your adjustment rather than relying on the Filter, then Photo Director is made for you. This application lacks filters, this is with Powerful Editing ToolsThere are HSL sliders and RGB color channels which are easily available on its sleek Interface.

It also has a special content aware feature that lets you remove unwanted objects or people in the background. In addition, Photo Director also has an in-app-camera for live photo effects.

Like many other photo editing appsPhoto Director can be downloaded for free, but includes in-app-purchase and ads.

Photo Director DOWNLOAD

11. Photo Collage

This app all Photo Collage for enthusiasts collage photo is interested in making. Photo Collage includes more than 60 collage frame templates. Apart from this, you also have the facility to add text or sticker to your collage. This app also has a Draw feature so that you can express yourself free-hand. You media social on your collage photo easily to share.

Photo Collage DOWNLOAD

12. Photo Lab

Photo lab provides you facilities like many other photo editing apps. You can Crop, Rotate and Adjust photos to your liking. This app has more than 900 effects collection, you can easily share your photos with other people through social media or message. If you are not quite ready to show the world, you can save it in your gallery.

Unfortunately, Photo Lab, the free version you’ll Photos separates a watermark on. It also contains ads. However, it is a good way to try out the app before making a full purchase.


13. PicsArt Photo Editor

A look at the number of downloads of this PicsArt is clear that this photo editor app is a favorite app among Android users. PicsArt has many features including Collage Maker, Draw function, Trendy stickers, and many other features. This live effects with a Built in camera If your also comes with have their pictures Gif adding Option also.

PicsArt Photo Editor Google Play Store on Free day. However, the app has some ads and you may need to make in-app-purchases.

PicsArt Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

14. Pixlr

Perhaps you have heard of Pixlr, an app developed by AutoDesk. It is one of the most popular Photo Editor Apps on the Google Play Store, which we thank for its large amount of effects, overlays and photo filters. Also, your Photos to Pencil or Ink can make creative use. You get the option to choose from a large number of Photo Collage layout and Background in the app.

Pixlr is excellent Photo Editor Apps like, Download for Free, but ads and In-app purchase comes with.


15. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is another popular photo editor app that you will find on Google Play Store. Your library photo filters in addition to many of you Prisma your Photo Paintings lets change. Some of the most used paintings are from Picasso’s and Salvador Dali’s. In addition, Prisma has a Thriving Artistic community with which you can share your creations. Other Enhancement tools include Exposure, Contrast, Brightness and more.

Currently free on the App storePrisma photo Editor includes ads, as well as In-app purchase.

Prisma Photo Editor DOWNLOAD

These are the best 15 photo editing apps for android that you can download from Google Play Store. As you can see, some have more filters to offer, while others rely more on manually editing settings. They all download to Free, but a big part of you ads may annoy and additional content can be paid.

Best 15 photo editing apps for android Hopefully, this list has provided you some help.

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