5 Easiest Ways to Earn Income from Your Smartphone


In this day and age individuals who are looking for financial freedom and stability seek ways to earn income on the side — the evolution of “Gig Culture” is proof that the job market is changing. While many traditional jobs and forms of employment are still prevalent in American culture today, virtual showroom more and more individuals are taking it upon themselves to make the money they need to make instead of relying on a single employer to take care of every financial need.

At the end of day, it’s easier to ask yourself for a raise than it is to ask your boss for a raise. Below, we go over a few simple measures you can take to start making side income from the comfort of your very own smartphone.

1). Get Paid to Take Surveys

There’s tons of work out there right now taking surveys from your mobile device… and getting paid to do so.

You will need a smartphone in order to start taking surveys — usually you’ll have to download an app as well. As soon as you take a couple of easy breezy onboarding steps, you’ll be ready to start taking surveys during your off time. However, make sure you research the companies you’re interested in doing surveys for beforehand and make sure that their compensation structure is something you can work with.

2). Freelance Creative Work

Whether you’re a budding web designer, a musician making jingles, or even a freelance wordsmith, there are tons of avenues you can take that will have you earning extra dollars in no time. There are multiple apps on the market these days that make it easy to do design work, word composition, and even musical composition from your iPhone or Android.

You can do a remarkable amount of work from your phone, including help build websites. You can take high quality photos that can serve as visual content on your client’s sites. Even if your camera isn’t up to scratch, you can source quality stock images online with ease. For instance, if you have an automotive client, you can use car images online that will serve just as well on a website as an actual photo you took would — sometimes even better!

3). Remote Teaching

If you’re something of an authority on just about any subject you can offer your services for those looking to learn what you already know. Many online tutoring and teaching services can have you connecting with clients via your smartphone. Just about every video conferencing app out there has a version that is mobile-friendly, so it’s very easy to get started with this sort of rewarding work.

4). Social Media Management

Every company out there needs to be online and needs online engagement — which means that just about every company out there needs to be active on social media. If you have any sort of social savviness, this might be a good line of work for you. You can help with advertising, branding, and more as a social media manager, and you can do most of the job from your phone.

The average entry level social media manager makes a salary of about $42,000.00 annually, so this could end up being a side gig that turns out to be full time work for you.

5).YouTube Channel

If you have an expertise in anything and feel comfortable on camera, starting a YouTube channel might be a fruitful avenue for you to make some extra money. It’s very easy to create your own YouTube channel and start posting videos and content for your target audience — all from your mobile phone.

Getting started on your new venture will be cheap if you already have an up-to-date smartphone in working order. If your phone is out of commission, it’s a good idea to get a new one. All of the jobs mentioned above can be predominantly performed from your own Android or iPhone. Time to get earning!

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