After 8 Years as NBA Assistant, Hammon to Lead Team in WNBA


Gregg Popovich’s top assistant will no longer be a part of the San Antonio board. Becky Hammon will now be a trainer in the WNBA after closing a deal with the Las Vegas Aces. According to press sources, the bond with the WNBA franchise will be valid for five years.

In addition, Hammon will be the highest paid coach in the world’s top women’s basketball league. This will certainly increase the popularity of the women’s league, which continues to grow in terms of fans. You can find good bookmakers to bet on the WNBA on the website With the help of Kate Richardson, specialist in American Sports, let’s understand a little more about this new step in Hammon’s career and what to expect from it. You can check Kate’s profile here.

Get to Know Becky Hammon

Hammon’s first appearance in professional basketball was in 1999, when she played for the New York Liberty. She stayed there until 2006.

After that, the athlete went through teams in Spain and Russia, as well as playing for the San Antonio Stars between 2007 and 2014.

After not having the chance to play for the United States, Becky decided to nationalize herself Russian, which was not difficult at all, once she played for three local clubs:

  1. CSKA Moscow
  2. Nadezhda Orenburg
  3. Spartak Moscow Region

With Russia, Hammon won an Olympic bronze medal in 2008. In addition, playing for the WNBA, she has conquered six All-Star Game appearances and the jersey number 25 retired by the San Antonio Stars.

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Life as a Coach

After her retirement in 2012, Becky Hammon sought to remain connected to basketball, but off the court. And amazingly two years later she landed a coaching assistant position with the Spurs.

At the time, when searching for san antonio spurs team news, you could only find information about this incredible signing. Even because Becky was the first woman to assume that position in the NBA.

In addition, Hammon also became the first to lead an NBA team, even if only in one game.

Unfortunately, the Spurs ended up losing that match to the Lakers. But, in any case, it was a remarkable day in the history of the NBA and the san antonio spurs jobs. In recent years, Becky has sought out interviews to coach an NBA team. She was even interviewed by some teams, but there was no formal offer.

Last offseason, Becky was one of the finalists to take charge of the Portland Trail Blazers. However, the Oregon team opted for former player Chauncey Billups.

Her Departure of San Antonio

After almost 8 years with the Spurs team, it’s time to say goodbye. And we can say that some fans were taken aback by this news.

That’s because Becky Hammon was considered the clear replacement for Popovich in charge of San Antonio. The 72-year-old is due to retire soon and many considered his assistant to be the perfect candidate for the job.

Now, though, the Spurs will have to worry about finding someone to take over that role once Popovich retires. Becky will stay with Spurs until the end of the season, not least because the wnba league leaders only start in May. With that, the team will count on her help for a while longer until she will assume her new position.

New Job at the Las Vegas Aces

After so much trying, Becky Hammon finally achieved her goal. The former player will now be a wnba coach and will be able to show everyone her talent off the court as well.

And many don’t know but going to Aces is actually a comeback for Becky. That’s because the Las Vegas Ace, during the period from 2002 to 2017, was called the San Antonio Silver Stars, since its base was in the city of San Antonio.


And as already said at the beginning of the article, Hammon had his jersey number 25 retired by the Silver Stars. In other words, a new cycle begins in a place where the former player has already made history in her career.


Becky Hammon certainly went down in NBA history, as the first lady to hold such an important position on a men’s basketball team.

While her feat has certainly opened up opportunities for this to happen more often, we know it’s still difficult to see more women occupying assistant coach positions, let alone coaches.

Either way, Hammon will be able to show all her talent to command in the WNBA. In addition, she will be remembered forever by Spurs and NBA fans.

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Title: After 8 Years as NBA Assistant, Hammon to Lead Team in WNBA

Description: Becky Hammon is the new coach for the Las Vegas Aces at the WNBA. Come and learn more about the trajectory of the first woman to be an assistant coach in the NBA.

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