Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar is one in every of the most popular male Tik Tok stars and YouTube personalities from India. Awez Darbar is likewise one among the most talented young choreographers from India. Apart from being a popular dancer and choreographer, Awez Darbar is also famous for his comedy abilities and acting talent which he typically showcases on his musically account and YouTube channel. Currently, Awez Darbar is a Crowned Muser on Tik Tok and is visible in several famous motion pictures with other well-known Indian musically stars. Awez Darbar has a large fan following with tens of millions of perspectives on his several Tik Tok and YouTube movies.


Awez Darbar may be a young and highly talented dancer and celebrity choreographer who is most famous as a Crowned Muser also as a well-liked Indian YouTube personality. Awez Darbar has had a passion for dancing and commenced choreographing dance items for his college stage shows and today may be a talented choreographer who works with the famed Shiamak Dawar dance institute as an educator.

He started out his adventure as a dancer in college fairs. According to him, choreographing in college fairs has played a big position in expanding his creativity and visualizing his expertise at the stage. Later he danced with famous dancer Shiamak Davar International and after few batches got selected as a teacher in their institute. He worked there for more than 7 years and began his very own dance institute named Ace Production. Then, he began to put his films on YouTube and later joined Tik-Tok app. Since then there may be no searching lower back for him. With his difficult work and immensely great talent he controlled to get everyone’s attention and these days he is one of the good dancers and Tik-Tok star.

Awez Darbar’s age is around 27, as Awez Darbar was conceived on the sixteenth of March, 1993 in Mumbai. Awez Darbar’s tallness is around 5 ft. 8 inches (176 cm) while Awez Darbar’s weight is around 58 kg (128 lbs). In his extra time, Awez Darbar adores moving and acting and records these as a component of his side interests. In spite of the fact that we don’t have data about Awez Darbar’s dad anyway Awez Darbar’s mom is Farzana Darbar, who is a homemaker. Awez Darbar is the first out of two youngsters to his folks and Awez Darbar’s more youthful sister is Anam Darbar. Awez Darbar isn’t seeing someone Awez Darbar is single.

Social Media Fame:

Speaking about his popularity as a YouTube star, Tik Tok sensation and a famous Indian choreographer, Awez Darbar has had millions of views on his videos and his YouTube videos have also received millions of views from tens of thousands of fans, not just from India but from abroad as well.

Awez Darbar’s fame can be plainly estimated from his monstrous fan base. Awez Darbar’s Tik Tok fans number around 4.8 Million Tik Tok fans, Awez Darbar’s Facebook page has around 6,800 Facebook devotees, Awez Darbar’s YouTube channel has more than 300,500 YouTube endorsers and Awez Darbar’s Instagram account has a great 670,000 Instagram supporters. Awez Darbar’s ability can be estimated with Awez Darbar’s 89.3 Million Tik Tok hearts, and Awez Darbar’s 25,000 Facebook likes and furthermore with Awez Darbar’s YouTube channel getting over 20.5 Million perspectives till date.

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