Find your Stolen Car with iPhone’s Find My Phone

Find your stolen car with iPhone

A woman in the US has found her stolen car thanks to the Find My iPhone feature – a feature that helps find lost iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

Victoria O’Connor of Iowa, USA was lucky to find her stolen car thanks to Find My – a feature that helps find iPhone, iPad, MacBook when lost.

On December 16, when he went to a convenience store to buy things, O’Conner left his phone, put the key in the car and the car was still running. When she returned, her car was “flying without wings”.

Losing the car made things worse because about 3 months ago, O’Conner’s apartment was completely burned down. The incident has made O’Conner reluctant to live and sleep in his car in recent weeks.

Fortunately, thanks to the iPhone’s location search feature still on, local authorities were able to locate O’Conner’s car in an apartment complex. However, she has not yet recovered her iPhone, wallet and other personal belongings.

“Although a lot of stuff is still missing, I’m glad I found the car,” O’Connor said optimistically. She said police are trying to find the rest and will extract the convenience store’s security video to identify the culprit.

“Technology is amazing. It helps us solve a lot of cases. Thieves are always looking for ways to steal. So everyone it’s best not to leave the car engine unattended and be careful with items.

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