Google Meet 2020: How to Perform Video Call on Google Meet


Google keeps launching some service or some product for our convenience. This time too, Google has launched Google Meet to give great convenience to its users. Google Meat is an amazing tool, you can do Video Conferencing & Video Calling on it. But you can also do video calling many other apps, so what is the need of Google Meet for this. Google has launched Google Meet with some special features, due to which it has become famous all over the world.

What is Google Meat?

Google Meet is a video calling service of Google. For this, Google has launched a Google Meet App. You can use it with Gmail. Typically Upper We video calling with your friends, Whatsapp or any other video calling apps (Video Calling are able to use the App) But we who are people of the offices are connected through all Gmail them. Due to the lockdown, people all over India are working from home, so this app is very effective for the video meeting of Office.

How to use Google Meet?

You can use Google Meet on both your computer and your mobile. If you want to use it on desktop, then your computer and laptop should have Camera and Mic. If you want to do it in mobile, then all these things are already in it.

To use it, you have to open your Gmail. If you are using it on your computer, then on the left side you will get the option of Google Meet. On this you can create a meeting and join the meeting.

How to Perform Video Call on Google Meet?

If you want to use it on your smartphone, then you first go to the Google Play store and download the Google Meet App. After downloading, login with your Gmail ID. After this, write the email ID of the person whom you have to make a video calling or video meeting and invite him to the meeting.

Google Meet is being called the new version of Hangout. However the hangout was not used much. But as soon as Google Meet is launched, it is becoming increasingly used. Professionals are using this for their video meetings.

The advantage of this is that you can use it on both your computer and smartphone. That is, if you are using your laptop and want to meet a person related to an office, then you can do it directly from the laptop and maybe the person in front keeps a Smartphone, then he will be directly connected to you through the Google Meet App.

Like many Video calling App, it is also a video calling app. But the advantage of this is that people who are professionally connected with you, you can do video calling directly from your Gmail account. You do not need their mobile number to do video calling from them.

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