How modern-day technology has disrupted the world of traditional dating


Virtual matchmaking has been around for just over 25 years, but in that time it has become one of the defining aspects of modern life – this industry is worth $3 billion per annum in the USA alone. According to surveys, one-third of today’s relationships will have been instigated in the online environment, and the number choosing to sign up to a dating site is increasing all the time. With the recent pandemic prompting even more singles to go down this route, it’s safe to say modern-day technology has disrupted traditional dating. Here are some of the ways this has happened.

Singles have become impatient

Modern-day technology has given rise to dating apps where a variety of prospective singles are available at the tap of a few buttons, with some even advocating swiping in a particular way to indicate interest or to dismiss unfavored candidates. Traditional dating often involves singles being forced to rely on the limited pool of potential partners who happen to be inside whatever social location they are sharing. Online technology has introduced seemingly limitless possibilities. The key is to remain focused on developing a rapport with potential dates, and not get too fixated on meeting someone quickly via these seamless services.

Communication is a 24/7 activity

One of the major areas of disruption traditional dating has faced at the hands of modern technology is the way it is now so much simpler for singles to get in touch. At the touch of a few keys on their keyboard, they could be communicating with a new friend or love interest on lonely local chat rooms at any time of day. The use of smart devices such as phones, pads, or laptops means that people can keep in touch with other site users wherever they happen to be.

Compatibility is everything

Previously, people who were eager to get to know someone romantically would spend some time hanging around in places where they might encounter someone appropriate. Dating sites have made it so much easier to connect with the right person. Algorithms built into these online platforms can even match people based on information they uploaded when completing their registration forms. Rather than choosing a potential partner by lengthy browsing sessions, the website itself will compact these individuals into a shortlist.

The scope is so much wider

Another area where modern-day technology has made dating so much simpler is the tremendous degree of choice on offer to customers. There are websites dedicated to every possible aspect of romance you could think of, covering everything from straight to same-sex relationships, cougar affairs to polyamorous liaisons. Singles can be more discerning when investing in a particular site.

People want to develop chemistry

Unlike traditional dating where people sometimes require some time to get to know each other, with follow-on dates that might cover several weeks, modern technology has allowed people to ingather far more intimate details about each other much more quickly. Communicating within an intimate virtual environment allows a real rapport to develop.

Sometimes the old ways are best!

These positive traits have to be counterbalanced with many of the issues that technology has introduced to dating that could be said to be disruptive. Social media is a prime candidate for an activity that could be detrimental to a relationship. People can become overly fixated on what is happening in the online world, to the extent that they spend most of any date practically ignoring their partner and spending far more time paying undue attention on the notifications they are constantly receiving on their screen.

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