How to check your STC number without balance

STC number without balance

Check STC number without Balance

I have been getting questions by email that how can i check my stc number if i don’t have balance in it. so here i am writing this article for you guys i guess it would be very much helpful for you all.

You can know your own number by this code:   *150#

Some other Helpful Codes of Sawa STC (Saudi Arabia)

Customer Service: 900
Check remaining Internet Data: Send a blank message to 2220 or call 900.
Check Balance in STC:   *166#  or Call 1500
Recharge STC Sawa Card:  *155*Recharge Coupon Number*ID Number#

Transfer money from one STC number to Another:  
*133*Recipient Number*Amount*Recipient ID#
Example : *133*053XXXXXXX*20*22XXXXXXX#
STC Sawa Website :

Find out how many STC Sawa numbers are registered on your ID/Iqama:
Write “9988” in text message and send it to 902

If you are out of balance and want a to send a free call me back message to a friend:
*177*Mobile Number#  (You can send only 5 free call me back messages per day)

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