How to Choose the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog?

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Choosing a vet is a crucial step in pet care, as just as when we humans fall sick and need to see a doctor, your furry friend relies on its vet to get back to being healthy. This person can potentially save your pet’s life. Hence, before you make any long-term commitment, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

  1. Ask for Recommendations:

According to, seeking recommendations in each step starting from getting a dog from a recommended breeder to finding a vet is absolutely essential if you are a pet parent. For starters get recommendation for a reliable breeder to get your puppy.

Recommendation is the best way to find a reliable vet as well. If any family or friend who has a dog can give you a vet’s recommendation, you should first check that vet out. They may already have done their prior research and recommend you the one they find best to take care of your dog.

  1. Find a Veterinarian with an Expertise in Dog Care:

Not all vets are equal. Different vets can treat different animals better. One might be an expert in cat care, but not much experienced with dogs. Find a vet that handles dogs mostly and is an expert when it comes to dog care. This will mean you take your dog to a vet who will provide better care.

  1. Ensure They are Licensed:

If you think this is very obvious, well, it is not. You need to ensure that the vet actually has a proper license and is registered to practice as a veterinarian. You may be surprised to know that veterinary technicians may not disclose complete information to you. This way, you know you are giving your pet the right treatment.

  1. Ensure Your Pet is Comfortable:

A good vet is the one who treats your dog well, and your dog wags its tail upon seeing them. Any vet who loves your dog will actually care to give the proper treatment. The one who hardly interacts with your dog will be unable to really understand what your pet is going through. As dogs cannot really express their health issues, a good vet can even recognize the change in the dog’s temperament to find out the problem and give the proper treatment.

  1. Look at the Facilities Cleanliness:

Remember, the vet clinic is a place where a lot of other sick vets come too. You do not want your dog to contract something else at the clinic. This means they need to maintain cleanliness and wipe the examination table after each patient. If the clinic looks shabby in general, better avoid going there again.

  1. Willingness to Give Time:

The vet mustn’t rush through the appointment. They need to be patient in listening to all the issues their dog has and examine the dog thoroughly. If you find the vet is in a hurry to finish the appointment as other patients are waiting, better to see a new vet. When you take your dog to the vet for one issue, ensure that they do a thorough physical examination to determine if your dog is overall healthy. Any good vet knows to do that.

  1. Consider the Cost:

You need to obviously consider the cost, as it will be monthly visits. The cost of a vet can really be expensive for mediocre care. You may find better pet care at a much cheaper rate. You should see a professional vet and charge you a fee that you can afford.

  1. Check the Location:

It is always advisable to find a vet nearby your home. It is convenient, and also if there is an emergence, you can quickly rush your pet to the clinic.

  1. The Vet is Easy to Reach:

There are different issues your dog may face throughout its life. If you are a first-time dog owner, you will be unaware of what is expected and what needs medical attention. While We Love Doodles is an excellent source of helpful information, you may need to consult an expert at times. A vet who readily lets you communicate over the phone should be more preferable, as you can skip a few unnecessary clinic visits.

  1. Inquire About Their Medical Approach:

Different vets have different medical approaches. Better have a brief discussion about their wellness and prevention approach to ensure that you agree. If you both are not on the same page, you need to keep looking.

  1. Is the Facility Open 24/7?

Just like a human emergency, your pet can also have an emergency late at night. You should always have a clinic in mind which is open during such late hours. The clinic you go to should be available 24/7. A facility that handles your dog’s healthcare usually will have more information about your dog and can more easily find a treatment solution that will suit your dog.

  1. Is there an Attached Pharmacy?

Finding a pet pharmacy is more challenging than a human pharmacy, which is why it is better to go to a clinic with its own pharmacy. This way, the doctor will prescribe what is available in stock, and you need not find medicines outside the vet clinic.

  1. Check Online Reviews:

While it is true that you will find more negative reviews online than positive ones as people forget to give good reviews, but they will never fail to share any negative experiences. Having said that, there are still a few who review these places. Hence, do check their online reviews. Even if they have negative reviews, if they bother to reply, it simply means they care about their reputation, which is a good sign.

The Bottom Line- Do They Really Care?

Your little friend relies on you entirely. Dogs blindly trust their owners, which means they will trust the veterinarian you choose for them. They have no say in this matter, which is why you need to be vigilant. Do your research well and believe your gut if you feel something is not correct. A second opinion is never a bad idea if you are not convinced of your current vet’s treatment. After all, your dog’s health is your absolute priority.

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