How to Clean Up iPhone to Use it Smoothly?


Hurry up to clean up, change the look of your iPhone to use it with joy and freely save beautiful moments.

Delete duplicate photos, damaged photos on iPhone

A year has passed, and you will surely have a lot of photos taken on your iPhone. But because of your laziness, you have not deleted duplicate, blurred, blurred photos and unnecessary disposable document photos. Causing the iPhone to take up almost all of its space. Now is the right time for you to clean up your iPhone, so that Tet has enough space to take pictures.

You can select multiple photos at once to delete on iPhone by opening Photos > tapping Select 1 photo first, then swiping your finger across to select multiple photos. Or slide your finger vertically to select photos in rows.

In addition, Photos also has the function of automatically filtering by each item, for example, showing only videos, photos, photos in favorites, favorite videos… 4K clips shot with iPhone have a capacity of up to 1 -2GB so deleting the videos is also necessary if you don’t need them anymore.

Uninstall the Facebook app and reinstall it

Over a long period of use, Facebook will save a lot of cache on iPhone. Slow and take up a lot of space. So if in your free time, you can use the fastest trick is to uninstall the Facebook application and reinstall it.

You should also go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here, the applications are listed from large to small memory usage, if you see an application that suddenly takes up a lot of space, it is most likely due to the cache. Uninstall and reinstall is fine.

Delete videos saved offline on iPhone

Take for example the YouTube application, and save a lot of videos to watch offline whenever you go to places where there is no WIFI to watch, but forgot to delete it, so YouTube has a fairly large capacity. Therefore, you should delete the videos you no longer watch.

Upgrade iCloud storage

If you feel too lazy to clean or don’t have time, the fastest way is to upgrade your iCloud storage. You can rest assured because iCloud syncs with iPhone extremely well, a few months of free use are more than enough for you to play.

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