How to Fix Front Camera Not Working Problem in Android


There are problems in our smartphone camera, one of these problems is Front camera not working Actually sometimes the front camera of our Android phone does not work. On turning on the camera, either a black screen or a notification of camera fail comes in the phone’s display. This is a big problem of Android smartphones camera which we can fix even sitting at home in some ways. Front camera not working Front camera not working in Android phone, this problem can also be Hardware issue or Software issue in our phone Front camera not working Solution.

How to Fix Front Camera Not Working Problem in Android

Front camera problem can be a big problem in mobile phone. Especially when it is a hardware related issue. This problem can be hardware as well as software problem. If there is a problem of Front camera not working in your Android phone, then you can fix it with some easy steps. For this, information is being given about some steps here, let us know.

Step 1:- First of all turn off your phone for 10 seconds. Then reboot it and see if the front camera is still showing black screen.

Step 2:- If the battery in your phone is removable, then open the back cover of the phone and remove the battery. After waiting a few seconds, put the battery back in the set, then check the camera.

Step 3:- If the front camera problem remain sme after restarting the phone, then first of all uninstall the camera app and re-install third party camera app on the phone. Check by restarting the phone.  

Step 4: – Delete all the cache files from your phone, to clear the cache files in the phone, go to the settings and open the application option, here go to All Apps and clear the cache, the steps to clear the cache are your May vary on device.    

Step 5:- If the camera problem continues in your phone then you need to hard reset the phone. But before hard resetting the mobile, pay special attention to backing up the data, otherwise you will lose the necessary data of the phone.

If the problem of front camera not working in your phone is not fixed by any of the above steps, then there is probably some problem with the hardware in your camera. In some cases, this problem can also be caused by the phone being dropped or the camera jack coming loose. You will have to take the help of a technician to fix this type of problem. 

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