How To Make Soy Milk at Home?


How To Make Soy Milk: Today We Are Going To Tell You How You Can Make Soy Milk At Home Easily. Maybe You Do Not Know How Many Benefits Are Of Soybean Milk. You Must Know How Important Milk Is To Us. We Get Calcium From Milk Which Helps Us To Strengthen Our Bones.

If You Want To Reduce weight, Then This Milk Can Be Beneficial For You. Contains Mineral Elements Like Vitamin B12. Now You Can Guess From This That How Much It Is Beneficial For You. So Let’s Know How To Make It –

Necessary Ingredients 

  1. Soybean Grains – 125 Grams (Or More Than Half A Cup)
  2. Water

How to Make Soya Milk at Home

First Of All, You Have To Soak Soybean Grains For A Day Or A Night Or 8 To 10 Hours. Now It Is Done. Now Put All The Grains In The Mixer And Add Some Water So That The Grains Are Finely Ground. Now It Has To Be Grinded In The Mixer.
Now You Take A Steel Sieve, Put A Light Cotton Cloth On It And Pour A Little Of That Solution And Put A Bowl Or Bowl At The Bottom. Add Water Little By Little To It And Then Keep Stirring It With A Ladle. The Solution Has To Be Kept On Pouring. By Doing This You Will Get 1 Liter Of Water.

Now Your Milk Is Ready. The Mixture Which Was Left While Filtering. Keep It Now You Can Give It To Children Or Elders By Adding Sugar Or You Can Also Make Paneer Out Of It.

Tips ( How to Make Soy Milk)

You Can Use The Remaining Mixture By Mixing It In The Dough Of The Roti. It Is Also Very Beneficial. Do Not Throw It.

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