Iconic Dialogues Of Bollywood Heroes That Are Living Like They Won The Lottery


Bollywood is not just an Indian film industry anymore. It’s a feeling, a lifestyle and many more things that no one thought it would be. That’s why everyone wants to put their money in Bollywood.

It has a fanbase that consists of people not only from India but from all parts of the world.

The hype is real and rightfully so. Bollywood has given more than movies and songs to us. No wonder we associate our first love with the classic Hindi romantic melodies. It is a sudden rush of nostalgia.

On that note, let’s revisit the iconic dialogues delivered by Bollywood heroes that are still living like they won the lottery.

The one from Deewar, which is also the favorite of international lottery winners from India

“Aaj mere pas gadi hai, bangla hay, paisa hay… tumhare paas kya hay?”

“Mere pas, mere pas… Maa hay…,”

It’s no exaggeration to state that every Indian knows this dialogue word to word. Deewar was such a hit, after all. Lottery winners and even other people, in general, love this dialogue because there is a mention of money in it in a way that gives more value to the motherly love than wealth.

The one from Sholay

“Kitne aadmi they?”

When Amjad Khan asked this iconic question in Sholey, everyone watching the film lost it and in a very good way. People use this dialogue in jokes all the time and don’t plan on letting that tradition go anytime soon. That’s how dear Sholay is to its fans.

The one from Shahenshah

“Rishtey main toe hum tumharey baap lagtey hain, naam hay Shahenshah.”

This dialogue calls for all Amitabh Bacchan fans to assemble and give a massive round of applause. It’s not just a thought, but a reality, in fact. It is not hidden from anyone that the one and only Amitabh Bachhan is an international celebrity. This only justifies the popularity of this remarkable dialogue.

The one from Devdas

“Kaun kambakhat hay jo bardasht karney k liye pita hai? Main toe pita hun ke bas sans le sakun.”

This dialogue might come off as a little too emo, given the fact that it is literally from Devdas, a tragic love saga. However, there is something about the feel of these words that attract all the hopeless romantics.

The one from Amar Prem

“Pushpa, I hate tears…”

When this dialogue first came out, people were all hearts for it. Now that decades have passed since everyone first heard it, the craze is still intact. This speaks a thousand words about how long-lived this dialogue is.

The one from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge

“Badey badey shehron main aisi choti choti batein hoti rehti hain, Senorita.”

There would be no exaggeration in claiming that this is the dialogue that made Shahrukh Khan the star he is today. People still watch DDLJ religiously and are pretty obsessed with this particular dialogue.

The one from Mr. India

“Mogambo khushh hua!”

A dialogue delivered by the villain of the movie had never caught the popularity as much as this one did. It is catchy and a little funny, to be honest. That’s probably why people can’t seem to get over it anytime soon.

The one from Damini

“Taareekh pey taareekh, taareekh pey taareekh, taarekh pey taareekh.”

Sunny Deol nailed it with this dialogue in Damini, which was a female-centric movie. Even kids have by hearted this famous line in India and don’t shy away from flaunting it from time to time.

The one from Maine Pyaar Kiya

“Dosti ka ik oosool hai, madam: no sorry, no thank you.”

It can’t be unfair to say that Salman Khan’s career sort of took off as he delivered this dialogue in Maine Pyaar Kiya. It was cute, catchy, and flirty, and people still remember it, and we can totally see why.

The one from Om Shanti Om

“Zindagy main bhi end main sab thik ho jata hai. Happy Endings. Or agar, or agar theek na ho toe wo the end nahi hay dosto, picture abhi baki hay.”

This particular line by Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om is responsible for giving people a lot of hope in moments of despair. It’s obvious why this dialogue continues to be a mass favorite even a decade after the movie was released.

The list doesn’t just end here, though. There are hundreds and thousands of legendary dialogues that Bollywood is proud of. If you are lucky enough and have that kind of time to spend, you can get to know most of them. Hope you liked the list of handpicked Bollywood dialogues that we found worth being read by you!

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