Kaju Barfi Recipe: How To Make Kaju Katli?


Kaju Ki Barfi Recipe: Today In This Article We Will Tell You About Kaju Ki Barfi, Which Is Made All Over India On The Occasion Of Happiness In The Country Because Of Its Sweetness. Everyone Likes To Eat It. It Is Very Soft. Cashew Paste And Sugar Powder Are Used To Make It. Let Me Tell You This Is A Traditional Dish.

History of Kaju Barfi  

Let Us Tell You That The History Of Cashew Katli Is Very Old. It Is About Those Days When During The Rule Of Mughal Era Jahangir’s Gurus And Kings Were Taken Captive. They Were Kept Imprisoned In Gwalior Fort For Many Years.

In Which The Sixth Guru Of Sikho Was Hargobind Singh Himself. Guru Hargobind Singh Improved The Quality Of Life Of The Prisoners. Then Raza Jahangir Freed Them From Captivity. In This Happiness, Jahangir’s Royal Cook Praised The Sikhs. Made Cashew Barfi As A Symbol Of So Let’s Go To The Recipe –

Kaju Katli Recipe – How to Make Kaju Katli

The Following Ingredients Are Required To Make Cashew Nut Katli.

Necessary Ingredients

  1. Cashew – 1 Cup
  2. Sugar – 1/2 Cup
  3. Cardamom Powder – 1/4 Tsp
  4. 1/4 Cup Water
  5. Silver Work (Optional)
  6. Milk – As Required

How to Make Kaju Katli Recipe – How to Make Kaju Katli

  1. You Have To Take Cashews First. If You Have Kept Cashews In The Fridge, Then First Take Them Out And Bring Them To Normal Temperature. Make The Powder. Now The Powder Has To Be Taken Out In A Bowl.

How To Make Syrup 

  1. Now You Have To Boil Water And Sugar In A Pan On Medium Heat. You Have To Keep Stirring It Till The Sugar Dissolves In The Water. After The Sugar Dissolves, Let The Sugar Syrup Boil Until The Mixture Becomes Thick And Sticky.

How To Make Barfi 

  1. Now You Have To Reduce The Heat Completely And Put Cashew Powder And Cardamom Powder In It. And Mix Them Well. Now You Have To Mix It With A Spoon Until This Solution Becomes Thick. It Will Take A Minute.
  2. Now You Have To Turn Off The Gas And Keep It For 3 To 4 Minutes To Cool Down. Grease The Back Of A Plate With Ghee.
  3. Put The Prepared Mixture On A Smooth Surface And Grease Your Hands And Cylinder With Ghee. When The Mixture Is Slightly Warm. Knead It Like A Dough, So That It Will Become Soft. If It Dries Up, Then You Can Add Some Milk. You Can Add Drops. Now You Have To Roll The Mixture Into The Shape Of 1/3 Inch Thick Circle. You Can Also Keep A Fall Paper On Top Of The Mixture For Easy Rolling.
  4. Now Cut It Into Square Pieces With The Help Of A Knife. Let It Cool For 3 To 4 Minutes. Now Separate The Pieces And Taste Your Favorite Cashew Katli. If You Want, You Can Apply Silver Work On It You Can Eat It For 1 Week.

Kaju Ki Barfi Recipe: In This Today We Told You How You Can Enjoy Making Cashew Barfi At Home Like Market. If You Liked This Article Then Friends Share And Like.

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