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Kamran Khan is famous Pakistani Jouranalist, Anchor person and Senior Analyst. He started his career as investigative reporter in Karachi’s Daily ‘News’ newspapers in 1982 and got attention from national and international media, in 1985 he was the reporter from Pakistan for a Top ranked newspaper in England. Currently he is a host in the talk show ‘Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath’ on Dunya News. Former he has worked for Bol and Geo News, hosted a famous talk show ‘Aaj Kamran Khan ke Sath ‘on Geo.

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Kamran was born in Karachi on 2 april, 1967. He has attended Masters degree from Karachi University and started his career as investigative reporter. In early 2000, he got fame from his coverage and investigative reports on Daniel Pearl, an American jew journalist who was kidnapped and killed by Al Qaida. He writes stories, his stories have appeared in Washington Post, Tribune and Sunday Times. His first stint on television as an anchor was on Geo’s programme, Frontline and worked for 10 years in the channel from 2004 to 2014. He joined Bol News as President and editor in chief for one year and currently he is working in Dunya News.

Kamran Khan

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