Khurshid Afsana Wiki, Info, Biography, Facts and Age all

Khurshid Afsana

Khurshid Afsana Wiki, Info, Biography, Facts and age all

Real Name: Khurshid Afsana
Nick Name: Afsana

Khurshid Afsana is a beautiful Pashtoon Singer. Recently she gained popularity from her song “ په ژړا شپی تیریګی ”. She also done song on Lemar TV Channel Musical Show “Da Naghmo Shor (د نغمو شور)”. Kurshid Afsana was born in Afghanistan.

Profession Singer
Country Afghanistan
Nationality Afghani
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Weight 54 kg

Khurshid Afsana Songs List:

  • Pa Zhara Sata la kalie walaram
  • Keyli
  • Pa Zhala
  • Deda O Mozhgan
  • Mere Raske Qamar
  • Arosak
  • Pa Mina Mina
  • Le Kpal zaan
  • Qarsak
  • Dam Ba dam

Khurshid Afsana Photos:

Khurshid Afsana

Khurshid Afsana new

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