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As Tiktok application has been spread vastly around the world and is doing an exceptional business across the world by bringing new generation’s talent and show casing them in front of people. This application has given many opportunities to the video makers in Tiktok, it has help them to earn money and be popular around the world and also had given a lucky chance to travel around the globe. One of the stars from this amazing application is Krutika.


Krutika is the famous Tiktok star from India. She is a model and has appeared in many videos. She is known for her beautiful looks, adorable smile, her astonishing eye and her style. She is really fashionable when it comes to style herself, she also has an amazing personality. She has got popular from her acts. She has huge fan following in India through various online application; Tiktok and Instagram. She is also very active on Instagram, her posts are really awesome and fascinates the audience. She is among the most trending girls on tiktok, you’ll be soon watching her modelling shoots as she has got an amazing charm on her. She is primarily famous for her comedy video clips, dancing videos and performs lip-syncs on tiktok. She usually shares her fashionable outfit, modelling photos and a small sneak peek of her life on Instagram. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace tiktok comedian. And is now a crowned tiktoker.


Although her real name is krutika but her username on tiktok, Instagram, snap chat etc… is THEMERMAIDSCALES. Which is a very unique and attractive name, just like her personality.


As stated before, she has an enormous army of fans on her social media. She is loved by each of her fans. She has 4.2 million followers on tiktok which is huge and 205.6 million hearts on tiktok application. Her followers on Instagram are 80k+ which is an exceptional (at such a young age she has got this much of fame).


As every person needs some motivation and appreciation with their scrupulous effort, she is very lucky and blessed to have such supportive friends and family who has supported and encouraged her no matter what the situation is.

Her own content; there are only few tiktokers who makes their own content and the viewer’s actually are impressed with it. krutika (themermaidscales) is also one of them. She makes her own content mainly funny and very relatable (situations from daily life). That’s her major factor which, makes her different from the rest and (as stated before) that’s why she is one of the trending girls on tiktok.


Not much is known about her family and current relationship but she is Hindu by religion.


Krutika is a super talented and gorgeous girl. She also has a YouTube channel in which she had 14.2k subscribers. Her source of income is Tiktok, Instagram, sponsorship’s and you tube.

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