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Manpreet Kaur is a remarkable Indian professional Olympic shot putter from ambala. Her gold medal winning performance of 18.86 at Asian grand prix in jinhua, china 2017 had set a world record. This has took her to the No 1 spot in the world rankings. Let’s look into the other side not only she has made a world record and make her family proud, however she also holds Indian national record 17.96m in women’s shot put. She was also qualified to represent India at summer Olympics at Rio 2016 in shot put.


Kaur was born on 5 march 1990. She has three siblings and is the eldest amongst them. She had struggled a lot in terms of family and sports. Her father died when she was thirteen years old, her mother was paralyzed in 2006. Luckily her family interest was in sports; one of her cousins was a university level 100m sprinter and other is a discus thrower, while her sister in law was also a shot putter. First she was trained for 100m, but her brother whom she trained felt and suggested that she would be better in shot put rather than 100m and by the time she switched. She commend from Sahauli village from Patiala and works at the Indian railways.


Manpreet Kaur was very exceptional and talented women. She was very focused about her goal in life and with her hard work and all the effort she accomplished that purpose in her life. Her struggle and her success is truly inspiring for all of us. She placed 9th in the 5th IAAF World youth championships in 2007 at Ostrova. In 2010, she took 3-year break and returned and cracked an 18-year-old national record in women’s shot put. In 2015, she won the gold medal scoring a 17.96m throw at the 55th national open athletics championship at Kolkata.


Referring to her struggle and scrupulous effort. She had earned many appreciation and achievements:
2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS; Kaur was the only Indian women to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympics in her field.
ASIAN GRAND PRIX ATHLETICS; Kaur clinched a gold in the Asian Grand prix athletics and had meet with a national record and as well as the world season-leading effort.
ASIAN ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP; She later took the gold medal at the 2017 Asian athletics championship in Odisha in July.


She is bless fully married to MR KARAMJEET SINGH, a university level shot putter who is also her trainer and supported her no matter what the situation is. They both have beautiful daughter.


Kaur was tested positive for steroids (which might lead to serious, even permanent health problems such as; kidney failure, liver damage etc.) four times in 2017. She began a 4 year period of suspension beginning from July 20, 2017, unfortunately she had to forfeit her gold medals and national record.

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