MyAnimeList: Best Free Anime & Manga Database and Community


MyAnimeList: Best Free Anime & Manga Database and Community

MyAnimeList is the world’s most active online anime and manga community and database. If you are an anime or manga fan, MyAnimeList (MAL) may be the social network for you. The site provides its users with a list system to organize and rate the anime and manga they see or read. It makes it easy to find users with similar tastes and provides a large database of anime and manga.

Do you like manga? Or the animated ones? If so, this article may interest you! You might want to make a directory of everything you’ve watched. If so, head over to MyAnimeList!

History of MyAnimeList

The site was started in November 2004 by Garrett Gyssler and maintained only by him until 2008. Originally the site was called AnimeList, but Garret Gyssler decided to incorporate the possessive “My” at the start, following the fashion of the most important social network at the time, namely Myspace.

On August 4, 2008, CraveOnline, a men’s entertainment and lifestyle site owned by AtomicOnline, purchased MyAnimeList for an undisclosed sum of money. In 2015, DeNA announced the acquisition of the site from CraveOnline, in addition to an association with Anime Consortium Japan to broadcast anime on the service, via Daisuki.

MyAnimeList announced in April 2016 that they have integrated episodes from Crunchyroll and Hulu directly to the site, with over 20,000 episodes made available on the site.

On March 8, 2018, MyAnimeList opened an online manga store, in partnership with Kodansha Comics and Viz Media, allowing users to purchase manga digitally from the website. The service was first launched in Canada, but then spread to the United States, the United Kingdom and several other English-speaking countries.

MAL became inaccessible for several days in May and June 2018 when site staff took it offline for maintenance, citing security and privacy concerns. Site operators have also disabled the API for third-party applications, rendering them unusable. The measures have been taken with the aim of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

MyAnimeList changes ownership again in January 2019 and is acquired by Media Do. With their purchase, they announced their intention to focus on marketing and selling eBooks to strengthen the site.

On September 25, 2019, HIDIVE and MyAnimeList announced a partnership that would integrate MyAnimeList’s content ratings into HIDIVE’s streaming platform, while exclusively offering MyAnimeList users a curated selection of integrated HIDIVE content for free.

About MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList lists Asian animation in general terms, so it includes Japanese, Korean, and Chinese animation. Likewise, MAL has information on manga, manhwa (South Korean comics), manhua (Chinese comics), as well as dōjinshi (fan or amateur comics) and light novels. which are present in its database.

Users can create lists to give information about each content. They can also submit reviews, write recommendations, blog, post on the site’s forum, create clubs to join with people of similar interests, and subscribe to the RSS feed for anime and manga-related news. MAL also challenges users to complete their “lists”.

Features of MyAnimeList

As said above, you can group together all the anime and manga that you have seen & / or read. You will be able to indicate what status you are in, ie if you are finished, if you are reading / watching, if you have stopped or if you plan to read / watch. You can also give a rating from 1 to 10.

Adding a new manga to its list is very easy, search for its title (English or Japanese) and fill out the form:

As you can see, the background of the page is quite peculiar. And that is precisely the strong point of this site, the personalization . You can customize your Manga / AnimeList very simply and with great freedom. You can choose the page background (gif allowed), a header image (gif allowed), and even inject your own CSS code, again without (or almost) no limits.

Finally, you also have access to a forum, to be able to talk about manga with the community, in English! Finally, you also have on the home page of the site suggestions for anime and manga based on your lists!

MyAnimeList is the website for fans of manga, otherwise known as Otaku. Do not hesitate to register if you are one!

Categories on MyAnimeList


Nichijou & Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou two animated which are very similar, they are pure comedy which will make you laugh.


Major is without hesitation possible my top 1 in the genre, one of the rare manga to have had a complete anime adaptation. The last episodes with the concluding oav will remain one of my fondest memories. I would also like to quote Haikyuu my Top2, an adaptation at the height of the manga, the mangaka knows the sport in question very well and succeeded in making matches of a very high intensity while remaining in the credible, add a well-run comedy and here we have a very high quality animated one. Last citation for the genre withCross Game big mention for the first episode which still touches me today.


I separate this genre into two “sub-genre” Romance-Drama, Romance “Shojo” otherwise I would never be able to place a name.
– Romance-Drama: Without hesitation I start with the anime that I have long considered for my top1: Clannad . Like many, I lost a lot of tears during the 2nd season, an animated film that will remain a benchmark in its genre for a very long time.
I would also like to quote Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, he fully deserves it.
– Romance Shojo: Kimi ni Totoke. Ah pretty Sawako, I am also a big fan of manga in the Shojo genre, he is without any hesitation possible my Top1.


Gurren Lagann, already you should know that mecha is not a genre that I really like, however Gurren Lagann was one of the only mecha that I really liked. He is therefore my top of the genre.

Slice of life:

The “slice of life” are very vast they exist a lot but the most complicated is the fact that they are (for me) very complicated to compare. I will therefore cite several of them.
– Uchuu Kyoudaiin a “serious” Slice of life genre, it’s a real gem, here we follow a man in pursuit of his dream, become an astronaut and go to the moon, we are on the real very serious, we follow the man on the evolutions of his life and his dream. An animated really very interesting that I really advise you (It is unfortunately too little known).
– Shirobako always on the serious but a little less Shirobako also remains very interested they will teach you (with more or less truth) the creation of an animated, episode 23 I believe will remain one of the most memorable for me (yes I cried).
– Workingto be honest I didn’t necessarily know where to put Working, Romance, Comedy, Slice of life? One thing is sure I was a big fan of following the daily life of these employees, another manga which has managed to have a complete adaptation. Amply deserved.
– Kami Nomi a big fan of KimiNomi #VicoirePourChihiro, big mention for the last season.


Detective Conan Not too much of a surprise, conan remains the benchmark in the genre, if we don’t have the patience for the anime you can at least see the movies which are of really enormous quality. Mention to Gosick before changing gender.


Steins; Gate . Again little surprise it remains the benchmark of the genre.

Action / Adventure:

Hunter x Hunter. A very big job from Madhouse with this HxH 2011 version that I recommend to all Shonen fans.


Some Good Animes To Watch Online

Adventure: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I saw the first adaptation of FMA before seeing Brotherhood. Honestly the first episodes had a hard time convincing me, but from episode 14 (if I’m not mistaken) everything improves crescendo and at the end it’s really a Dantesque anime. Personally I find that it far exceeds the first adaptation of FMA.

Comedy: Nichijou

In the comedy genre, it is surely Nichijou who made me laugh the most, all in a format that I really appreciate in comedies. The entertainment at the KyoAni is excellent and suits Nichijou’s style perfectly. Truly an excellent comedy, go see it!

Parody: One Punch Man

One Punch Man parodies the shounen with gusto, theis crazy and Saitama’s character is amazing. Seriously I enjoyed this animated adaptation from start to finish.

Science Fiction: Psycho-Pass and Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass is hands down one of my favorite anime, I love the character of Akane and surprisingly compared to many other people I didn’t have to. all were disappointed with the second season and find it hard to see what could have displeased so much. I wondered for a long time about the end of this season 2 but I find it ultimately possible following a debate I had with a friend some time ago. So for me Psycho-Pass is really good.

Harem: Nisekoi

I think I have seen a lot of harems in spite of myself … And yet, only Nisekoi’s allowed me to become attached to all the characters that make it up (And when I say all, it’s really all). Even though Kosaki is the cutest and most legitimate (#TeamKosaki), it won’t bother me more than that if in the end the choice falls on another. I want to clarify that I find the manga much better than the anime.

Mecha: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

TTGL is currently the best mecha I have seen, the animation of Gainax, the opening.
However, I have seen very little mecha so far and although I am sure TTGL defends itself in this area, it is not impossible that my opinion will change in the future.

Magical Girl: Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica

Puella Magi is a very popular anime in general and it has a place in my top, however I have seen very, very few anime with Magical Girls. So this place will surely change in the more or less near future.

Because my top 1 remains One Piece, the script would really have to go badly for my overall appreciation of the anime to decrease and for it to be replaced. (or that I come across an unknown pearl that I will end up fantasizing as much as him or my second favorite)

It has not always been my favorite but I have to admit that it has gradually become so. of time and extent.

my second favorite is also a well-known anime since it is Death Note. An animated one which still gives me as much pleasure even ten years after its diffusion. It is the only one of my favorites that I caught flying at the time of its broadcast (which shows that it is also possible to have a favorite by watching one episode per week in season).

After these 2 choices which seem obvious to me given my extreme interest in these 2 anime, I still have trouble making a top with the rest. Besides, I have a hard time making tops in general, especially when they are taken from a huge list. (I never managed to determine my favorite op and ed)

There are indeed 2 anime / franchises that I fanaticize quite a bit in part because of the nostalgia factor: Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya

I also find their osts catchy or touching. I am well aware that these 2 franchises are mostly limited to combat in its crudest expression and that is why I do not normally allow them to get a score of 9 or 10.

Then there are these 5 animated or franchises that touched or impressed me in one way or another and that I wanted to declare as favorites on my profile because of my interest in them. The order does not matter.

Phantom requiem for the phantom
an excellent action animated coupled with a good drama

Higurashi no naku koro ni
A good mystery animated which I enjoyed following the evolution and resolution

Sayonara zetsubou sensei
The only one on the list who does not
The bizarre and even innovative concepts discussed, as well as the examples mentioned, must have required a lot of work and research from the author of the manga.
The styling of the studio shaft adds a more graphic touch and suits the vibe of the anime very well.

Steins; gate
The only one that I know which puts forward a scientific approach
(I also welcome the attempt to reduce the number of plothole of the subject approached to the minimum possible)

Monogatari series
(in particular the adaptation of the second part titled “second season “which I consider to be the heart of the franchise and which brings a lot of development to the characters)

Disclaimer: – “We do not encourage anyone to download Animes & Manga from such sites, our purpose is only to make you aware of such pirated websites and not to promote them, we advise our users to do the same. Will give that they use only the right platform to watch Animes & Manga”.

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