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MyFlixer is a streaming website that provides user with a huge library of movies and TV series to watch for free. Covers various genres including comedy, sports, action, shooter, suspense, and more. It is regularly updated with new content including hot movies and shows. The best feature of MyFlixer is that it does not ask the user to register or log in to view the content, allowing them to access the site without sharing personal information.

About MyFlixer

MyFlixer uses a minimalist user interface and the user can navigate the site without difficulty. It has a search bar that can quickly find and display the desired movies and shows. It has a dedicated section that shows popular movies and IMDB recommendations. Before clicking on any movie, the user can point the cursor over the title and a small description box will appear showing information such as the release date, rating, plot, and more.

The standout feature of MyFlixer is its vast collection of movies and shows available in HD, providing a theater-like experience. Users can find their favorite or childhood favorite movies and shows on the site and stream them in high quality. Also, the website is mobile friendly and can work on any smartphone and tablet. Lastly, the site is free of ads and pop-ups, which helps the user to have a smooth experience.

How to download movies that can only be seen in streaming

Sometimes when we want to watch a movie in streaming we have problems because the load is choppy.

This is because as the video plays, it is temporarily saved on our computer (buffering) and it is from there that it is played from. If the playback speed is higher than the speed at which we download the content, there will be unwanted stops.

The fact is that in the end we may get tired of waiting for the video to load and end up giving up watching the movie. For this we may want to download the movie and watch it later without interruptions. We may also want to download it for other reasons, obviously.

If the server where the movie is hosted gives us the option to download it (in the case of Openload, for example) then there are no problems. But if we find that the server does not offer us that option, then there are several ways to download.

We can resort in certain cases to JDownloader, TubeOffline, etc. or to websites that help us download such as Savevideo, Savevideoclip, etc. However, there are times that by these means we cannot get the download because the servers have been shielded against this possibility.

It is then when we can resort to the source code to get hold of the script where the address where the video player is hosted is configured.

In any browser, by pressing the secondary one, we can enter the source code from the web where we are watching the streaming video.

In this way we would find ourselves such that: As you will see in the search engine we have placed the search term “mp4” which is the most common video file extension but it could also be other video file extensions such as: avi, mpeg, mpg, wmv, mov, flv and swf From this text we rescue the url that ends in “.mp4” which is where the player is hosted. It can be something like this: Once we access the url we can find the player like this: Then we click with the secondary one and we only have to choose the option to download video.

This method can work with Streamcloud, Stremango, Gamovideo, Powvideo, etc. even in VK. Although to go testing because more and more servers are complicating the search for the player’s url to avoid downloads.

This method may be known to many fores but I know that others may find it interesting.

Alternative to MyFlixer


1- Movies AnyWhere

Movies Anywhere is an over-the-top cloud-based streaming solution that allows users to stream and download purchased movies. The platform is designed for movie lovers who want to buy the latest release movies gathering their collection for free. It allows you to send a screen pass so that someone can access your favorite movies without leaving your collection.

It is a comprehensive solution with almost all the major tools and functions to make it a comprehensive music solution. The app connects all your digital retail accounts and it will create a synced collection of all your movies saving you a lot of time and effort. You can access their service on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

The interface of the application is quite simple and easy to use, where you can get daily deals, redeem codes, save movies to watch later, and much more. The most prominent feature of Movies Anywhere includes personalizing your experience, watching premium movies, rating movies, and much more.

2- Stream TV Stream Shows & Movies

Streaming TV shows and movies is one of the amazing mobile apps that allow you to discover and watch movies, live news, sports, past seasons, and much more. You can stream TV shows, live broadcasts, and explore your favorite episodes from the current or previous season. Users can create their streaming library to watch their favorite shows.

Hulu-Stream TV shows and movies allow its users to create their profiles, so they can continue to track your movies, networks, concerts and other entertaining content. This app helps you track your favorite things by adding shows, exclusive originals, news, and movies for quick access across your mobile devices.

Hulu offers its users a recommendation list that is compared to their interests and profiles. You can browse the most extensive streaming library to discover your stuff, including news, sports, discovery channels, movies, and hottest shows like This is Us and The Good Doctor right on your mobile devices.

3- Free Movies

Free Movies is a free entertainment application, developed by Huva Apps. It is an important platform for Android users that allows its users to watch free full-length movies to immerse themselves in the world of movies. To use the service, you need to download it from the Google Play Store, install it on your device, register with the correct email, and confirm it in your inbox to start unlimited streaming.

The Free Movies application has two different options to find the content that includes a search bar where you put the title and you can also explore categories that consist of multiple options such as Horror, Funny, Education, Action, War, Cartoon, Fighting and much more.

You can simply touch your favorite things to enjoy the Free Movies service. The application offers basic functions such as being available in different video qualities, accessible from all over the world, watching movies without cuts and full control of the video player. Free Movies is an excellent platform for you if you love to see all things ancient and modern.

4- JustWatch

JustWatch is one of the most addictive and elegantly designed platform for everyone who loves to watch movies and other entertaining things. JustWatch is the right choice for you if you are looking for an online platform where you can stream unlimited with the latest movies, TV shows, and channels.

It is an online application that guides you through all the best streaming platforms in the world such as Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, etc. It allows its users to see all the new movies in theaters, the upcoming content, the new release, and buy tickets.

To buy a ticket, you need to select the film, select the time and get the desired amount of tickets with simple clicks. It maintains an extensive database containing up to 55,000 movies, entertainment shows, TV shows, and news.

Disclaimer: – “We ( do not encourage anyone to download movies from such sites, our purpose is only to make you aware of such pirated websites and not to promote them, we advise our users to do the same. Will give that they use only the right platform to watch movies”.

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