Na Ba Umer Tool Zwani We Lyrics with English Translation Ghani Khan

Na Ba Umer Tool Zwani We Lyrics

Na Ba Umer Tool Zwani We is a very beautiful poem by famous Pashto Poet Ghani Khan, Moez khan sung the poem in song in a show for “Pashto1” TV Channel. you can read the lyrics below with english translation written side by side. i tried my best to translated this. if i did any mistake forgive me and correct me in the comments below, thanks.

Singer: Moeez Khan

Poet: Ghani Khan

Na ba tol umar dunya we, na ba tol umar zwani, (Not the World will last forever, Not youth will last forever)

Bia ba gran swal ao jawab we, zan ba teng na kree Ghani! (Afterlife there will be tough questions, and would be hard to face those)

Da janat hooray ba sa krham, che yaran rasara na we. (What will i do with Hoors of heaven. when i will not be among with my friends)

Be mastay sharab ba sa kram, che mulla ba ey hum ski, (What will i do with non energetic alcohol, who the molvi will also drink)

Da so wrazey zindagi da, jam rawa chawa saqi, (The life has very few days, Fill the cup “bartender”)

Da waada karey da khuday, che bakhi ba lewani.(God had already promised, that he will forgive mad”crazy” people).

Ghani Khan Pashto Poem With Translation.

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