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Ondřej Pšenička

Ondřej Pšenička is an award winning performer with nearly two decades of experience. After winning the junior czech magic championships two years in a row, Ondrej went on to win a number of international competitions under the mentorship of Czech-Swedish magician Eve’n Alan. When he left business school in 2005 to pursue his love of magic full time, he felt theatre school was an absolute necessity. Soon his affinity for performance took him all the way to Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in Los Angeles His passion for creating remarkable magic lead him to study at the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. He’s performed in its clubhouse The Magic Castle and fooled Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us.

Now, after years of acting, winning championships, performing live and on national television, and pouring over books in the magic library, he is using his talents to astonish audiences all over the world.

Ondřej Pšenička Biography, Wiki & Facts

Name: Ondřej Pšenička
Date of Birth: Not Known
Age: Not Known
Profession: Magician
Martial Status: Single
Education: Not Known
Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic


Father: Not Known
Mother: Not Known
Brothers: Not Known
Sisters: Not Known

ondrej psenicka

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Ondřej Pšenička fooled penn teller

Ondřej Pšenička is a czech professional magician based in Prague following magic to all corners of the world. Ondřej started doing magic in January 1996. Ondřej first studied for two years under czech amateur magicians Emanuel Kolenatý and Jiří Valsa. They taught him some of the basics of both close-up and stage magic. Then Ondřej Pšenička  meet Eve’n Alan – a professional magic duo from Czech Republic but living most of the year in Sweden a traveling the world performing magic. Alan created my second silent stage act and most importantly showed me the world of magic beyond the borders of Czech Republic. Alan passed away in January of 2002, but in just those four years completely changed the way Ondřej Pšenička thought about magic.  There is no better way to learn the art of magic than by reading a good magic book..

Career Timeline

  • In September 2006 – started studying acting to further develop my skills as a magician.
  • In September 2011 – started studying acting at Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in Los Angeles.
  • In the same month became a member of The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.
  • In 2015  – studied film acting at Prague Film School.
  • In June 2015 – attended a summer course in magic at The University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm.
  • In November 2015 – premiered my one man card magic show 52 Lovers in Prague.
  • In December 2016 – crowdfunded Butterfly Playing Cards on Indiegogo.
  • In August 2017 – Fooled Penn & Teller on Season 4 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us on CW Network.
  • In 2018 – toured the world with The Secret of The Butterflies lecture including London, Toledo, Barcelona, Stockholm, Turin, Jakarta, Singapore, Los Angeles, Geneva or Prague.
  • In August 2019 – Fooled Penn & Teller on Season 6 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us on CW Network.

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