PitchCom Has Been A Massive Success


In the wake of the Houston Astros cheating scandal and other teams being able to dissect the opposing team’s signals to figure out what pitch is being called, teams have smartened up to use technology on the field in order to take that effect out of the game. 

PitchCom is a device that teams are using in order to not have to put down signs from the catcher instead, will have to press a button and the players with the device inside of their hat will tell them what pitch is being thrown. It is a great thing that will need some improvement that will happen throughout its usage.

The NASCAR season is in full throttle and that means we can get some very favorable Nascar odds in the sportsbooks so make sure to keep an eye on that for each race as technology is another huge factor in that sport as well. 

Why PitchCom Should Be Applauded

The PitchCom device has done a very good job as teams that are using it are able to notify everyone on the field about what pitch is coming, which means more than you think. Obviously, we think about it from the pitcher and catcher’s point of view but the fielders also have it told to them and that can affect them as well. 

The fielders that know an offspeed pitch is coming will be more on their toes as hitters are more likely to roll over those pitchers and initiate ground balls. It also means their positioning can change slightly to prepare for the results that are the most likely. 

Another major thing is that now the game is moving at a faster pace. Instead of having the pitcher shake off pitches after five different decoy signals, the pitcher will hear the word “fastball” called and either throw it or move on to the next pitch in the sequence. 

It keeps the game moving at a better pace and keeps the shaking off and stepping off the rubber less likely to happen. It also avoids more cross-ups between the pitcher and the catcher. 

What PitchCom Needs to Improve On

One thing that seems to be an issue is the actual noise. Imagine a game that is played in Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are looking for the save. They have two strikes and two outs on the opposing hitter and the stadium plays that Star Wars sound effect that they do. Pitchers have a hard time distinguishing a singular voice calling for a pitch in that sense and can struggle to know what pitch is going to be thrown. 

Even if you want to take Yankee Stadium out of it and say a postseason game where the crowd is going wild, pitchers can have a difficult time hearing the pitch call. 

What PitchCom should do in their next iteration of it is figure out a way to change the calling from a voice saying what pitch to be thrown to instead either have it repeated when you press it in order to make sure everyone hears it or have the ability to change it from a voice to a vibration effect where they can agree on what pitch is associated with certain vibrations. It is a small thing, but this is something that can really help and avoid some potential issues. 


PitchCom has been a massive success in the first season that Major League Baseball has accepted the technology on the field of play. I am typically against it but this seems to be a net positive as teams do not need to worry about potentially having their signals stolen by the opposing teams, as they were struggling to feel safe in opposing areas for the last few seasons. 

All in all, the acceptance of PitchCom has been a great addition in the 2022 season and should continue to evolve as the season progresses.

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