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Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates was born on 23 may 1999 in Seattle, Washington to Bill gates and Melinda Gates. He has English, German, Irish and Scots-Irish ancestry. His father is business magnate and co founder of Microsoft along with Paul Allen in 1975. His mother is also a business woman and philanthropist who co founder the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with her husband. He is the second child and only son of his parents and has an elder sister named Jennifer Katherine Gates and younger sister named Phoebe Adele Gates. His parents allowed strict parenting rules to ensure that the kids do not become spoil brats he and his siblings were given decent amount of money by their parents for doing household chores. His parents often take interest what their children are learning. Rory also received science lesson from his father while on vacation in Europe. He attended Seattle’s most elite private school, Lakeside school. Which his father and his older sister also attached. He currently lives in medina, Washington with his family. In recent interview, his mother mentioned that while her son is compassionate, curious and kind, what makes her the proudest is that her son is a feminist.


Rory John Gates is the only son of bill gates and his wife Melinda gates. While his is still too young to join his father at Microsoft or to choose a different career path for himself, he has regularly graced the pages of tabloids due to enormous curiosity about his romantic relationship and net worth. According to tabloid reports, he is currently single and is expected to receive 10$ million from his father, who wants his children to have independent careers and has pledged to donate the majority of his life earnings to charities. He has also inherited his parent’s kind and compassionate nature, and following in his parents footsteps, he has started donating to charities. While he donates one third of his pocket money to charities, his parents match that exact amount to make a double payment.

Name Rory John Gates
Age 20 year
Date of birth 23 may 1999
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Gemini
Height 1.65 m
Siblings Jennifer and Phoebe Gates
Famous for Son of bill gates
Born in Washington, America


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