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Many are the rumors in the cyber space that they have managed to shut down the papaya series website. Remember that this platform allowed you to watch series and movies online and totally free, something that attracted many users.

By closing this page, users are forced to search the entire cyber space for other pages that offer the same streaming service. This will surely be somewhat difficult, disappointing and late due to the many options that exist.

To facilitate your search here we will leave you some alternative pages that meet the same purposes as papaya series. We hope that one of them will become your new favorite.

About Series Papaya

SeriesPapaya is a relatively new website , which is experiencing rapid growth. The website contains the latest series online and of various genres. it offers countless television series, anime and series that can only be seen on paid platforms such as Netflix or Disney +.

All these series are constantly updated to their latest seasons as well as the latest releases. Seriespapaya to offers all this completely free of charge and without any type of registration, as well as the opportunity to download all the chapters of any series.

SeriesPapaya: next online series website to be blocked?

Piracy is one of the great concerns in relation to the Internet. The fight to shut down and block domains that offer copyrighted content never stops. Almost every month we have news in the form of portals that are closed or blocked. If yesterday we learned that MagnetDL, a torrent download portal that had gained users over time, was closing, today we echo the problems of some users to access SeriesPapaya. Therefore, we wonder if SeriesPapaya will be the next online series website to be blocked.

MagnetDL is not the only online download or series and movies portal that has left us in recent months. In March Elitetorrent biz, Mejortorrent, Mejortorrent1 and Gnula were blocked. Last year we also had similar news with portals of this type that had been leaving us. The truth is that the list of pages blocked by Spanish operators does not stop growing.

As the popularity of one of these web pages increases, so do its chances of being shut down. Overnight they appear on the radar of the different groups that watch over copyright and content protection. We already know blocking websites is useless since two or more alternatives appear for each one closed. However, these groups do not seem to know any other way to fight this scourge.

One of those that has been gaining fame for a long time is SeriesPapaya, a website that allows us to watch the latest premiere series online in streaming. It is enough to access its website, look for the chapter we want to see, choose one of the servers on which it is available (Powvideo, Streamplay, Clipwatching, Flix555, Gamovideo, Jetload, Verystream, Waaw or any other of the many existing ones). The possibility of direct download from Uploaded, Katfile, Rapidgator or Uptobox is also usually offered.

What is SeriesPapaya?

The Series Papaya website is a website that, although it contains fewer titles than other similar platforms, is growing rapidly among users who like to watch movies online. SeriesPapaya consists of a site where users can watch free movies in Latin Spanish, Castilian Spanish, series, premieres and other categories without annoying advertising.


Existing Series Papaya Sites

Despite its short existence, SeriesPapaya has several domains, which allow users to find various P2P networks where they can find their torrent content:

seriespapaya xyz: It is the most relevant website. Its contents are for the most part new, so the series chapters are always fresh.

seriespapaya tv: It is another alternate website to the previous one, with UI and UX similar to the previous one, although with different domain and network contents at a certain time.

seriespapaya me: Another high-quality online option that users also consult, although in less quantity than the previous two. Available in Spain and Mexico.

www seriespapaya nu: It is the most relevant subdomain of Series Papaya, where it replaces the obsolete seriespapaya to, closed by law.

papaya-films com: Website of different logic, which is not limited to the Spanish language, but covers the English language and others, according to the availability of the site. Note: Although the original site was blocked in 2019, the sites listed above are currently active. However, we do not recommend the use of them due to copyright infringement in the resources they offer.

Alternatives to Series Papaya

As we could see in the previous section, the site is divided into several websites, however they are subject to blockages, therefore, there are other website alternatives, which we show throughout this section.


Don Torrent is a website that has proven to be a SeriesPapaya alternative that is widely used by many users in Spain and Latin America. This site allows you to download free multimedia materials, including videos, games, software, music, etc. Because the resources are hosted on external servers, it is necessary to install a uTorrent client to download them, without this being a guarantee of security.

DonTorrent has an extensive catalog, with more than 100,000 resources available to users, which change depending on the demand on the peer to peer network. It is possible to download resources through genre, or by adding it to bookmarks and according to the availability of the servers.

To facilitate the task, DonTorrent has several mirror servers, which are Proxy that are located in Tonga, United Kingdom and Laos. The official domains of the Proxy are the following: dontorrent to, dontorrent io and dontorrent la , and the extraction of Videos is done through the torrent client.

Even when downloading videos is accessible without the use of virtual private networks, it is illegal to download videos and other resources without having copyrights, therefore we do not recommend their use. Even when some resources exist in the public domain, their use is the responsibility of the user.


At HomeCine you will be able to watch series and movies online in the language of your preference, both in Spanish, Castilian, Latin and / or with subtitles. Best of all, it is completely free and can be accessed from any device.

This one, unlike the previous one, does offer the possibility of registering to see their titles in HD, however if you choose not to register you can still see all the series and movies you want. It also offers the option to download them from your preferred server.


The HispaShare website is mainly focused on the Hispanic and Spanish public, therefore the name fits him like a glove. Less than two months ago, Hispashare was at its peak, but at the moment it is undergoing renovation, due to a threat of blockade by a court order.

It is for this reason that the website is inactive, without a reestablishment date, however it shows a current message that they are undergoing renovations, as shown in the following html:

However, the site shows signs that it will work again in the future, although it is not known if with the same characteristics.

Even so, the HispaShare site when in functional form contains different video and audio resources that allow users to watch movies on their devices from the browser. However, in the same way as SeriesPapaya, most of the resources contained in the Hispashare site are illegal, therefore we do not recommend their use. For more information about the site, you can consult the link at the beginning of this section.


Pelisnow, like its predecessors, offers a streaming service to watch series, anime and movies of any genre and for all ages. Its services are completely free and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The design of their website tries to imitate that of Netflix using the same background and font colors. Upon entering, the user already has several of the newest and most relevant titles for both movies and series.

Needless to say, it allows the download of any of its titles in different languages ​​and with different servers to choose from. In the same way, all its series are updated to the last season and the last released films.


In metro series you can see online the series that are on everyone’s lips. It offers an infinity of titles of all kinds of series, including the renowned game of thrones, the paper house, Vikings, among others.

It offers a very pleasing design to the eye with a home page full of the newest and most popular series. Like the previous ones, you can view all the chapters you want for free, choosing the language. Also, you can download them as many times as you want.


Series banana is a platform that serves as an alternative to series papaya, where you can access the best television series and originals from other paid platforms from the comfort of your home.

It should be noted that their series are totally free and with the option to download with different servers. It is also important to mention that they have the latest series on the market and completely updated, as is the case with the very renowned Wanda Vision series.

Disclaimer: – “We ( do not encourage anyone to download movies from such sites, our purpose is only to make you aware of such pirated websites and not to promote them, we advise our users to do the same. Will give that they use only the right platform to watch movies”.

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