Shimla Mirchi Tamilrockers: Hema Malini competes with Rakul Preet

Shimla Mirchi is a film, whose audience has been waiting impatiently for 6 years. After all, the trailer of that film has already been released. First of all, let me tell you that the question of Hema Malini’s upcoming film “Shimla Mirchi” in the new year was going on in the mind of all of you for a long time, who is the Shimla Mirchi of Rajkumar Rao and Rakul Preet Singh’s film. You must have come to know by watching the trailer of this film that Shimla Mirchi of this film is our dream girl Hema Malini.

Trailer crossed millions of views in one day

If we talk about the trailer of the film, then the audience has started giving their love as soon as the trailer of the upcoming film Shimla Chilli is released. Viewers have liked the trailer of this film very much. More than 38 lakh people have seen this film in a day. People are also giving their response for the star cast of the film.

The story of the film is very sweet

You must have come to know about the story of the film after watching the trailer of this film. By the way, the story of this film is very clean and lovely. In this film, Rajkumar Rao falls in love with hot girl Rakul Preet. But they do not express their love and address. Only then a friend of his gives him an idea that he can express his love by writing in the letter too.

Interesting love story shown in the film

What was it then Rajkumar writes love letters to Rakul. But Raj’s love letter accidentally falls into the hands of Rakul’s mother i.e. Hema Malini. Hema Malini falls in love with the prince. Hema Malini, who has been living in loneliness for many years, also starts beating her heart for Rajkumar. She turns herself in for the prince and starts romancing with the prince.

There is tremendous comedy in the film

Due to this, the film begins with tremendous comedy. Seeing the trailer of this film, a lot of questions are coming in your mind that what will Raj do now? Will they get their favorite one? Will he get Hema Malini’s love? You will get the answer to all these questions only after watching the film.

Shimla Mirchi Tamilrockers

By the way, you will find some scenes very fun in the movie Shimla Mirchi. Like when Rakul tells Rajkummar Rao that my mother loves you. This is another scene in this trailer which is very funny. When his daughter Rakul goes to Rajkumar’s house after taking Hema’s relation. There are many scenes that are going to force you to watch the trailer.

Dream Girl‘s performance in the film is fantastic

If we talk about our dream girl Hema Malini, even though she is busy in politics, her performance is still fantastic. In a way, Hema Malini is competing with Rakul with her beauty in this film. Rajkumar and Rakul’s chemistry in the film is very sweet. She looks as hot as Rakul. Rajkumar looks equally serious about his character.

Hema is giving competition to Rakul in the film

Let us tell you that the work of this film Shimla Mirchi started in 2014 and viewers have been eagerly waiting for this film for a long time. But now his wait was over. After five years, the film is finally ready to be released. Most of the shooting of this film has been done in Shimla. The film is releasing on January 3, 2020 for the coming new year.

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