TikTok vs Youtube Shorts: Which is better?


Since TikTok caused a global craze with its short video platform, many other big players have also tried to join this model. Instagram Reels has been responded by many users, so what about YouTube Shorts?

If you do not know which platform you should choose, let’s learn through some comparisons between TikTok and YouTube Shorts with WorldFamousHub.com.

Similarities Between TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Basically, TikTok and YouTube Shorts both allow you to share short videos with engaging content to quickly attract an audience. The goal is to keep users watching clip after clip, liking, commenting and sharing together.


When you join as a content creator on TikTok or Youtube Shorts, you are also provided with analytical tools, checking views, watch time, as well as reach. Tracking these stats helps you prepare a better strategy, how to monetize your product.

Another commonality between the two platforms is that scrolling through videos becomes an endless process. Never run out of content for you to discover.

Finally, both TikTok and Youtube Shorts support all users to upload their own videos, and offer many powerful editing features.

Youtube Shorts: Advantages

Greater reach

Although TikTok is the fastest growing video social network today and the influence is spreading, Youtube still has their users (more than 2 billion users).

In the present time, Youtube Shorts has a greater potential for reach than TikTok, the scale of spreading to the world. Meanwhile, TikTok only focuses on excelling in Asian countries close to China such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.


Youtube fans don’t have to go elsewhere to watch short videos. Additionally, Youtube Shorts caters to audiences of all ages and demographics, while TikTok is geared towards younger audiences. Therefore, Youtube Shorts are often rated as having more quality content.

Better security

Both Youtube and TikTok are banned in some countries around the world and have some other restrictions.

However, Youtube has been successful for many years and seems more trustworthy when it comes to data security.

Advertise yourself

If you are a longtime YouTube content creator, focusing on vlogs, essays… then the launch of Shorts is a great advantage. You can create short videos as previews, trailers and post them to Shorts to lead viewers to your main channel.

Scheduling feature

Have a great idea for a short and finished video but don’t want to post it right away?

Youtube Shorts supports you to schedule video posting. You can choose the exact date and time for the video to be published.

Youtube Shorts: Cons

One of the biggest limitations of Youtube Shorts is that it doesn’t come with a separate app. The developer has not shown any intention for this either.

Using Shorts mixed with standard YouTube videos is sometimes confusing and requires getting used to. But if you just want to watch short videos, TikTok will help you best.

Another downside of Youtube Shorts is that after seven days, the video will expire. So you need to save the video on your device and repost it later. But that’s still more inconvenient than permanently saving your videos on your TikTok profile.

TikTok: Advantages

A more engaging experience

According to statistical data , TikTok is the most attractive social media app. With a user session time of almost 11 minutes, TikTok is a master at attracting and retaining audiences.

Also, depending on your user account, TikTok videos can last up to three minutes. This allows creators to add more value to their content.


TikTok has a relatively simple and user-friendly interface, you can scroll through the video right on the first page. The “For You” page quickly displays videos of what you’ve watched and loved. The ability to find videos to suit your taste has made viewers stay longer with TikTok.

TikTok brings a more vibrant playing field

Anyone has the opportunity to become famous on TikTok. It’s not uncommon for one of the small TikToks to explode overnight because it was shared hundreds of thousands of times in a few hours.

On the other hand, growing on Youtube Shorts is a bit more competitive, you need to have a strong strategy and content consistency.

TikTok: Cons

Unlike Youtube Shorts, TikTok does not have a scheduler that allows you to choose when the video will be posted.

Anyone can join TikTok easily and quickly, so you’ll likely encounter streams of inappropriate content. Although there is a “Not interested” feature to remove them, there will be many times when you will be frustrated because you cannot meet your favorite videos.

Which short video platform is right for you?

Most people use more than one social media app and can cycle between TikTok and Youtube Shorts.

But if you are a user with a need to watch moderate content every day, with distillation, then join Youtube Shorts. This also allows you to find a community of people with similar interests.

TikTok is richer and offers more opportunities to go viral. So if you spend a lot of time every day watching or recording short videos, choose TikTok.

Do you prefer TikTok or Youtube Shorts? Let WorldFamousHub.com know your opinion by leaving a comment!

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