Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses

The cinema of Lebanon, according to film critic and historian Roy Armes, is the only other cinema in the Arabic-speaking region, besides Egypt’s, that could amount to a national cinema. This industry established in the 1920’s and has produced more than 500 films. Eventually, by the 1950’s, Egypt was the main dominating Arab and Middle Eastern film industry, and this led to many other Middle Eastern countries incorporating Egyptian conventions into their films.

This industry has a different and distinctive culture of cinema, which differs in both history and infrastructure.

This industry has given us so many talented and beautiful actor and actresses, and here is our list of top 10 beautiful Lebanese actresses:

1- Razane Jammal

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Razane Jammal

Jammal was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. This beautiful young actress made her first debut in television commercials at the age of 15. When she was 18, she moved to London, and she was eventually cast in her first film role in 2009 in ‘Carlos’ by Oliver Assayas.

She is best known for her roles in Oliver Assayas’Carols, Tobe Hooper’s Djinn and Kanye West’s Cruel Summer. Her latest project is Robert Guediguian’s Don’t Tell Me The Boy Was Mad, which premiered at the  2015 Cannes Film Festival.

2- Yasmeen Al Masri

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Yasmeen Al Masri

Beauty with a brain is an international actress, dancer, video artist, and human rights advocate, Who was born in Beirut. She is a French and American citizen.

She began her career as a dancer at the Souraya Baghdadi dance company, and her first screen debut was a Caramel. She received the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Abu Dhabi Film Festival for Caramel, and the same year a Best Actress nomination at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. In 2015, she was cast alongside Priyanka Chopra and Aunjanue Ellis in the Quantico as two characters — identical twins Nimah and Raina Amin.

3- Stephenie Atala

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Stephanie Atala

This beautiful Lebanon actress and singer was born on 5 October 1993 and is a half Lebanon and half french. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and french. She graduated from Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts; school of arts.

She got her first acting role at the age of 4, Since then, Stephanie has appeared in various regional TV commercials and awareness campaigns and short films, theater productions, TV series, and feature films. Most recently, Stephanie is starring as “Lina”, the protagonist in the feature film “Farah”.

 4- Myriam Fares

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Myriam Fares

This Lebanese beauty is a singer, dancer, actress, and entertainer. She is married Lebanese American businessman Danny Mitri in August 2014 after 10 years of dating. Faris’ first album was Myriam released in 2003, followed by Nadine in 2005.

She is recognized across the Middle East as one of the only Arab female artists who perform choreographed dance routines while singing and was thus titled “Queen of Stage” by Arab media. She has released 5 studio albums to date, with several chart-topping singles including her debut “Ana Wel Shou”, “Nadine”, “Moukanah Wein”, “Mosh Ananiyya”, “Eih Elli Byohsal”, and “Nifsi A’oulhalak”.

 5- Haifa Wehbe

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Haifa Wehbe

A beauty queen, Lebanese singer, and actress who was born in 1972 and has Egyptian nationality. Wehbe won the title of Miss South Lebanon at the age of sixteen and was a runner-up at the Miss Lebanon competition.

She has released seven studio albums and made her acting debut in the 2008 Pepsi-produced film Sea of Stars. In 2006, she was on People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people list.

 6- Rima Fakih

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Rima Fakih

She is a Lebanese-American actress, model, professional wrestler, and beauty pageant titleholder(she competed in her first pageant when she was nineteen), who won  Miss USA 2010. She represented the state of  Michigan in the national pageant, having previously won the 2010 Miss Michigan USA pageant. In 2016, Fakih converted to the  Maronite Church (an Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church) from Shia Islam upon marriage to Lebanese-Canadian music producer Wassim Slaiby, known as Tony sal.

In 2018, Fakih became the National Director of Miss Lebanon, the national beauty pageant of Lebanon.

7- Cyrine Abdelnour

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Cyrine Abdelnour

Her name is also spelled as Cyrine Abd Al-Nour or Cyrine Abdel-Nour. Cyrine is a Lebanese singer, actress, and model. She always wanted to pursue a modeling career but initially studied Accounting until 1993.

She started her modeling career in 1992, and  In 2002, Abdelnour was awarded the title “Model of the World” at the Regency Palace Hotel in Beirut. Her first album, Leila Min Layali, was released in 2004. She released her second album, Aleik Ayouni, in 2006, which became the most popular Lebanese song of the year. She also starred in Arabic TV serials and films since the late 1990s.

8- Brandi Engel

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Brandi Engel

A famous Hollywood and Lebanese actress who was born on November 6, 1986, in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the USA as Brandi Alexandria Engel.

She performed in many local theater productions before graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School in 2004, and she later attended graduate school in the Fall of 2009 at Duquesne University on a full scholarship. She is well known for my Bloody Valentine(2009), Riddle (2013), and The Kill Point(2007).

9- Dominique Hourani

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Dominique Hourani

She was born in south Lebanon and grew up in Beirut. She is a Lebanese recording artist, actress, beauty queen, and former Top Model. Her father is a well-known archaeologist who wrote more than twenty books and has many approved discoveries in his name in archaeology and history of the Middle East.

She holds an MBA degree from the Lebanese American University in addition to two other degrees in Business Administration and accounting. Her first acting debut was in  El Beah Romancy, and her second album in 2008, Kermalik Ya Dominique, was ranked at the top of sales in the Arab world.

10- Maya Nasri

Top 10 Hot and Most Beautiful Lebanese Actresses
Maya Nasri

A Lebanese singer, recording artist, and actress who is better known by her stage name Maya Nasri. She studied acting and directing theater, television, and cinema at the Lebanese University. In 1996, she started working as a TV presenter at Tele Liban, and she also worked as a model.

Nasri participated in “Kas El Nojoum” in 1998 on the Lebanese Broadcasting Channel, where she won all three gold medals. She has released four studio albums and also starred in several Egyptian movies and TV shows.

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