Top 20 Best Gifts For Travelers Extremely Helpful During Travel


If we think of all the things that are useful to us when traveling or that we would like to receive as a gift, a lot comes to mind.

After so many trips and trying different products, this is a list of 20 gift ideas for any traveler, which will surely be very useful and will delight them.

1 – Scale for hand luggage


Since there are low cost airlines, which charge for everything, it is essential to have a scale for hand luggage to control the weight of the suitcase before boarding.

This scale, which admits weight up to 32 kg, is the one I recommend because it is the one I have had for more than 15 years, but there are also digital models.

2 – Universal adapter plug

Universal adapter plug

This international travel adapter is compatible with more than 150 countries in the world. It has fast charging, a modern USB port and a Type-c port, compatible with low-power smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and laptops.

3 – Padlock for suitcase

Padlock for suitcase

This lock to protect the suitcase is great. It is small but of good quality and resistant.

4 – Travel belt with internal pocket

Travel belt with internal pocket

This belt is very practical, and is designed to protect your money in case of theft, being able to hide it in an internal pocket of the belt.

5 – Wallet for passport and travel documents

Wallet for passport and travel documents

Travel wallet where you can store your passport, credit cards, boarding pass and mobile phone. Very useful.

6 – Interior travel fanny pack

Interior travel fanny pack

Very practical for long trips, this fanny pack can store money, passport and other travel documents.

7 – Transparent toiletry bag with travel bottles

Transparent toiletry bag with travel bottles

This practical toiletry bag measures 20×20, has 8 cans to fill with hygiene products and complies with the European Union regulation for hand luggage.

8 – Airplane travel kit with neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs

Airplane travel kit with neck pillow eye mask and earplugs

This neck pillow, ideal for air travel or car travel, is very comfortable. It takes up little space, as it can be folded, and includes a mask and earplugs.

9 – Moleskine travel notebook

Moleskine travel notebook

Any self-respecting traveler travels with the classic Moleskine notebook, where they can write down all the anecdotes and information about the trip.

10 – Dry Soap & Dry Shampoo

champu seco

A very practical and natural product, especially for long trips, is dry shampoo. These have various fragrances and treat hair loss, oiliness and dandruff.

11 – lantern frontal

lantern frontal

Ideal for outdoor activities, or reading at night. It has 6 light power modes and 3 different intensities of white light. It has sensor control and is adjustable.

It is rechargeable so it is ideal for travel, since you do not have to be aware of the batteries.

12 – Security door alarm

Security door alarm

This door security alarm is great to put on hotel doors when you travel.

13 – Water bottle with filter

water bottle with filter

Ideal for hiking, camping and trips to tropical countries. Allows the water to be filtered, eliminating bacteria and parasites. It also traps chemicals such as pesticides.

14 – External battery to charge mobile phones and tablets

External battery

Lightweight and the size of a mobile phone, this portable wireless charger can be used to charge any mobile.

It can be charged via USB or solar charging.

15 – Electronic organizer

Electronic organizer

Very practical case. It has a compartment to store cables, flash disk, pendrive, charger, headphones and travel documents.

16 – Travel tripod

Travel tripod

This practical and lightweight travel tripod has flexible legs and can hold up to 3 kilos.

17 – Electronic ebook (Amazon Kindle)

Electronic ebook

From 8 to 32 GB, this kindle is waterproof. It has an integrated adjustable light that allows reading inside and outside the home.

18 – Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods

Apple Wireless Headphones.

19 – Travel backpack for women

Travel backpack for women

This travel backpack is lightweight and designed for women. Very comfortable and ideal for trekking and long trips. There are various sizes and colors.

20 – Gopro HERO 7

Gopro HERO 7

This action camera is waterproof up to 10 meters, records videos in 4K and has a touch screen.

If you want to add more gifts that are helpful while traveling, please feel free to add to this list using the comment box below.

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