Top 3 Best Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

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How many times have you fallen for shoes with heels to give up wearing them again? Indeed, this model of shoes has beautiful sculpting legs of dreams and lengthen our silhouette, it is nonetheless very uncomfortable.

Do you know that there are some quick tips to make shoes with heels immediately more comfortable to wear? Red Raspberry has searched and spotted some techniques that will literally transform your fashionata life. Your feet will thank you;)!

1- MoleSkin

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Just wear a pair of shoes for a few minutes to identify areas of feet that will be irritated at the end of the day. Indeed, depending on the model, its cut and height of the heel, said shoe will more or less put pressure on certain points. It’s up to you to find a way to protect these areas locally. The moleskin canvas will allow you to rise to the challenge. This fabric, made of fine cotton and covered with a faux-leather effect varnish, is very effective to keep your feet in good condition even after being confined for hours in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Cover the irritating points of your shoes with moleskin and enjoy your pretty heels!

2- Shoe PADS

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If your shoes are too big, you’ll end up with blisters on your feet and irritation every time you wear them. Indeed with perspiration, your feet will rub more and more the insole and your skin will ignite systematically. To avoid getting there, consider wearing anti-slip pads that will boost the adhesion of your skin to the insole of the shoe. Maintained in place, your foot will be less likely to be irritated. There are several forms of pads. Choose the models that suit you the most according to the most sensitive areas of your foot!


As you probably must know, one of the factors that contribute to the irritation of your feet when wearing high heels is sweating. By overcoming this problem, you will also help make your shoes (and especially those with heels) more comfortable. Do not hesitate to sprinkle your feet with talcum powder to “cleanse” as much as possible. If you do this a reflex, you will prevent your shoes from feeling bad in the long run. You can also put your shoes in the freezer after having slipped a plastic bag filled with water. Water, by freezing, will stretch the shoe and make it more comfortable.

If with these 3 tips, you still can not wear the shoes in question, think to shorten the heel a few cm. So you can wear them and enjoy without too much damage!

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