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Some films are not only made for Mast and Timepass but also for Motivate and Inspire films. If you ever see such films that you feel like doing something new by watching it and many films also change your mind, then let us know about such Best Motivational Movies.

Top 5 Best Motivational movies For Students & Youth

1- Taare Zameen Par

This is the story of an 8-year-old child who suffers from an illness due to which he is weak in studies, but his imagination and creativity in the arts is very good. Seeing Poor Performance in his studies, his parents send him to boarding school. There he finds a teacher i.e. Aamir Khan who helps him to progress from this disorder.

2- 3 Idiots

If you are also a student, then you too will see some scenes of this film and think that this story is somewhat similar to me. Aamir Khan has played an important role. There are three Engineering Students out of which 1 is very intelligent and 2 is average student. It shows how 2 students recognize the hidden talent inside them.

This film shows today’s youth how today’s youth choose their careers in so much pressure and pressure. This film has told how we should recognize the hidden talent within us and start to fulfill them.

3- Slumdog Millionaire – Slumdog Millionaire

The film revolves between two boys from Mumbai who were separated due to riots in childhood and live in a slum. He faced many difficulties and bad people in his life, due to which one of them started on the wrong path, while the other chose the path of hard work.

It shows that the result of walking on the wrong path is always wrong. If you feel that there are many difficulties in your life, then you must watch this film.

3- Iqbal

It is the story of the son of a farmer who is very much interested in cricket. And the biggest thing is that he cannot hear nor speak, but he does not deny these things and does not let them come in the middle of his passion, he achieves his destination with his hard work and discipline.

4- Chak De India

This is the story of a hockey coach named Kabir, who was once the best player of the Indian hockey team. Kabir missed a goal in the final moments of a match against Pakistan by a penalty stroke, which led to a lot of criticism and he was questioned as a traitor for being a Muslim.

He gets a chance to become the coach of the hockey team after 7 years and he cleans the stains on him by becoming the world champion of this team. Shahrukh Khan has played an important role in this film. This film shows how important practice is in work and shows the importance of teamwork.

5- I am Kalam

This is the story of a 12-year-old intelligent boy living in Rajasthan. Despite poverty and scarcity, he struggles happily with all kinds of situations in his life and works in a small hotel on the road for financial help of his family and studies in the evening.

On seeing APJ Abdul Kalam on TV and listening to him, he is so impressed that he changes his name to Kalam and is determined to fulfill his dreams. The film shows how destiny and luck can be changed by ourselves.

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