Top 5 best VPN for your Firestick in 2021


Keeping a low profile when using online gadgets is quite challenging. Some of the devices use third-party software that exposes your identity and data. Firestick is a relatively safe device that is compatible with cable TV.  You can stream all live content from different websites. However, the price tags on the website are quite discouraging. Users prefer to jailbreak the Firestick and implement new free software. This causes an excellent threat to the user as some come with malware and expose your data to hackers, ISP, and government surveillance.

The internet has provided a free VPN for Firestick to go along with the entertainment to solve this.  Quality VPN enhance security and help surpass restrictions.  The internet has free and paid VPN versions to suit user needs.  Users can invest in some of the best VPN for Firestick online. One needs to search and review the features of each VPN to ensure it provides the best.

Factors to consider why choosing a free VPN for your Firestick


How safe is the VPN your wish to settle for? In the past free VPN are known to have security breaches and to cause problems to users. Some of the VPN have caused scandals and leaked personal information. This affects user’s data and devices. It’s advisable to check for a VPN that has a high-security standard. They should have well-defined security features.

Logging policy

The login policy should be the first consideration before investing in any VPN. Some of the VPN software correct information and misuse it for money fraud.  First, read the terms and conditions of the free VPN before implementing it on your Firestick.

Features of the free VPN

The majority of free VPN have limited features compared to the premium versions. The free VPN has limited features such as low connection speed. However, we have selected the best free VPN, which provides proper security and capable of any task.

Best free VPN for Firestick 2021

Free VPN is the best and convenient way to handle your privacy.  You can venture into different online content without the fear of surveillance. Nonetheless, not all free VPN can deliver quality services. Some are designed only to collect data and manipulate users.  The best free VPN software has both premium and free services. The majority of freemium services have a loophole that might incontinence your security.

Hotspot shield

The Hotspot Shield VPN service is the top best free VPN in the tech world today.  The VPN has millions of subscribers. With positive reviews from current users, it’s recommended for different devices. Hotspot Shield offers fast connection speeds and has a simple and easy, user-friendly interface. The VPN allows for torrenting and P2P file sharing without any restrictions.

The Hotspot VPN is compatible with most devices such as Android, PC, IOS, and Firestick.  The VPN has few flaws which the user should check out for. The privacy policy is not entirely clear, and they don’t have live chat support. The VPN also has a paid version with more improved features and better services. For the premium, version users can access 2500+ servers globally.  They can use the live chat support and military-grade SSL encryption.


Windscribe has quality services though it’s a small size app. The VPN is easy to operate and has clearly stated features on the user interface. The Windscribe VPN has two versions paid and free version. Users can take advantage of the free features to enjoy Firestick. However, the premium version has more features and offers a guarantee of high security for your data. Through the paid version, users can access 600+ servers in 50 countries globally. You can also get the windflix feature on the paid sections.

For free version works on different platforms. It gives users extra extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The free version has a 10GB monthly data offer. You can access 10+ countries’ content and enjoy different channels on your device. Windscribe is, however, slow on speed compared to the paid version.

The best part about Windscribe is that the speed doesn’t fluctuate even though it’s the free version. This guarantees the best security for your data. It’s the best free VPN in the market with good privacy policies.

Hide Me

The Hide. me VPN offers an excellent free package for users. The VPN has average ability but will provide better features.  The VPN is flexible and compatible with different devices. The Hide. me VPN supports other VPN protocols. This is best for the user who keeps switching their services.  The VPN flaws are the VPN has a low data cap of 2GB per month. The VPN connection speed varies and fluctuates, which might not be safe for securing your data.

Private VPN

The private VPN has different categories and offers various business models. The VPN provides seven days free trial, which is free of charge. The user can opt to pay for the service, which is affordable.  The free trial period is not limited, and the user can take advantage of the service. The VPN has easy to use features and the best privacy policies to cover your data.


Free VPN offers the best service but is limited to some point. It’s best to keep checking not to get into legal trouble. You can also switch to the premium version, which is more assuring and affordable.

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