Top 5 Fast Payment Methods | Best Online Payment Gateways


Top 5 Fast Payment Methods | Best Online Payment Gateways

A lot of online casinos in operation today offer their players the chance to deposit and withdraw their funds in many different ways. These methods can vary and a lot of them can be rather time-consuming which takes away from the overall pleasant experience of having hassle-free leisure time. But the positive about online casinos is that they allow players to deposit and withdraw their funds through a selection of very quick and simple options.

This article looks at the top five fast and easy payment methods that players can use at their favorite online casinos.


PayPal is perhaps the most recognisable and most relied upon method for making quick transactions over the internet, giving their customers an easy-to-use platform that can be used at most websites offering a service or product to purchase. When it comes to playing at online casinos, PayPal is an ideal method for transferring funds into an account, with the added bonus of withdrawals being more or less instantaneous.


PayPal is arguably a much faster option than having to fill out a bank transfer every time a player wants to deposit or withdraw their funds when playing at an online casino. PayPal offers an extremely fast way to make payments and is a real asset for those wanting to make safe and secure payments.

President of PayPal Dan Schulman has stated that his company takes the privacy of our customers’ information very seriously as he believes that for financial services “the single most important brand attribute you can have is trust”. As a result, PayPal is both a safe and fast option for players wanting to make quick work of their transactions at their chosen online casino.


Skrill is a popular and stable option for a lot of online casino customers, offering a safe and fast way to complete transactions. Skrill is an e-Wallet service that stores a chosen currency or credit completely for online use and can be used across multiple websites whilst keeping a user’s details centralized so it is easy to track where funds are going and coming from.

Skrill is one of the most trusted casino payment methods for making fast payments and is used by a lot of people playing at online casinos. As a result of Skrill being an e-Wallet service, all funds available to the individual are pre-paid and ready to go as soon as they want to start playing their favorite games at an online casino, eliminating the need for the player to keep entering new amounts every time they want to make a deposit. The player can simply use the pre-paid funds that are available, making the service a very fast payment method.


Pretty much every online casino out there will give players a chance to complete instant deposits and withdrawals with Visa. This is another very fast payment method to use at an online casino as you are allowed to save your card details as part of your account, meaning a transaction to deposit or withdraw funds can usually be completed in just a few seconds.

Just like any other transfer of funds, using Visa to add or take out funds from your existing online casino account is very quick and easy, with the only slight drawback being you will be required to update your card details if the one you currently use has expired which is only a minor complication to how fast this method is.



Using a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has become an increasingly popular method for making fast payments online. A great many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for deposits and withdrawals, and given its nature, the currency is and will remain a very fast way to complete transactions. Some online casinos are starting to offer their new customers bonuses and special offers if they choose to use cryptocurrency to play instead of more conventional forms of payment.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Methods of payment like Apple Pay and Google Pay are perhaps the fastest methods of payment for those wanting to play at an online casino through their phone or another mobile device. Apple Pay is the obvious option for those using any Apple product or device with IOS whereas Google Play is an option for players using Android. Both methods of payment work very similarly but have different methods for setting up an account, yet they are also both very fast payment methods for individuals wanting to play on their mobile devices.

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