Top 5 Tips on How to Increase Real Instagram Followers


Instagram has grown from being just a teen entertainment app to a serious marketing platform. It has become the most prominent social network in the world. Users are now able to build audiences for their brand, network, and showcase products.

If you have an Instagram account that is not as powerful as you’d like it to be, it could help try and shape it into the account you want it to be. Learn how to create a bigger audience and open up new opportunities by garnering more viewers.

Most people think it’s almost too difficult to increase your number of real followers; the truth is this is not like filing your taxes online. Gaining followers on Instagram is an easy task as long as the necessary procedures are followed. Owen Andrew, a CA based digital marketer working at Authority Domains, has found that spending just 30 min’s a day on Instagram and liking/following accounts has helped him create a strong foundation.  Joe Payne, social media manager says that spending the time to create unique, custom images is ideal.

What Are the Drawbacks of Having Fake Followers

Brands that tend to take the easiest way to gain followers fail to realize that not having an active audience means the objectives of their Instagram presence are not fulfilled. When you pay for followers and likes from the many Pay-for-followers sites available, you end up incurring unnecessary costs; since the algorithm for Instagram often gets updated to get rid of dormant low-quality accounts.

How to Gain Real Instagram Followers

When it comes to online branding, the best way to go is by building your audience by getting legit viewers using these tips below:

1.    Get Your Instagram Account Optimized

Before anything else, you first need to set up your account. Give it a good presentation by setting up your brand on your homepage. Ensure your bio and profile image are presentable and your image captions exceptional. car images Place your brand link on your bio to help drive Instagram traffic to your account.

2.    Establish a Hashtag for Your Brand

A custom-made hashtag specifically for your brand can help set up a compilation of the best creations your brand has to offer. You will have a better chance to attract potential followers to your site once they find you via a prominent hashtag.

3.    Exercise Consistency in Content Creation

You have to ensure a consistent flow of content to keep your viewers entertained and for you to stay relevant and memorable. What you need to avoid is being an inconsistent brand.

4.    Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

Posting around specific times allows your posts to be viewed by larger demographics of users. This way, you can engage a larger audience.

5.    Share Your Instagram Handle

It’s easier for new people to follow you when you share your Instagram account on all other social networks.

Make it Count

By putting the above tips into practice, you will be able to heighten the popularity of your Instagram account. All you need to do is give your brand the required exposure and watch as you gain more followers.

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