Top 50 Love Messages For Girl Friend | Whatsapp Love Messages

Top 50 Love Messages For Girl Friend

Nowadays, sms and whatsapp had replace long letters through which you can declare your love, retrace your emotions and your tenderness towards the one who makes your heart beat. Inspiration comes naturally when you’re in love, but the below list of top 50 beautiful messages will give you some inspiration.

It is always nice to send little love messages to your girl friend on Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp, scattered throughout the day (but not every hour, it can quickly become stuffy). Here are the top 50 love messages you can send to your girl friend on whatsapp.

  1. My heart is trapped in your love in perpetuity.
  2. I love and it is my right; I love you, and it’s my faith.
  3. A day without seeing you is a morning without sun !!
  4. At the clock of tenderness, my love for you is not a second behind.
  5. Birds have wings to fly and I have a heart to love you.
  6. I wasted all the time I spent without loving you.
  7. I wasted all the time I spent without loving you! I know that our Love Story is just beginning! I love you love
  8. Since the day I met you, I have never stopped loving you my heart.
  9. When I think of you my heart quickens, when I sleep it’s you I see in my dreams, I think I love you … More than anything in the world!
  10. I miss you my heart, a little more every day, when will you come back? Without you I am lost … I love you.
  11. I do not handle words as well as Victor Hugo but know that you are the treasure of my life, the one with whom I see myself in the future, the one I want by my side for eternity!
  12. I am lucky to have found a treasure that no one had noticed, I will do everything to keep it. I love you
  13. You are the one who makes me smile, I am happy with you, you are the one who makes my dreams come true. I love you my dear!
  14. Find the love of your life, yes it is difficult, but now that I have found you I tell myself that it was worth it!
  15. The first time I saw you, I was captivated by your eyes, your charming smile, you made me discover happiness. I love you my heart.
  16. Thank you for these moments of happiness, I love you a little more with each of your smiles!
  17. Without water the flower dies, without you my heart cries
  18. If loving you is madness, then I will stay mad all my life.
  19. You are killing me. You make Me Feel good.
  20. The honey from your kisses is the only one that doesn’t make me fat.
  21. When I look at you in the silence of the day, it’s like a wave of sweetness that sweeps me away in sweetness and love.
  22. I wrote our love on the parchment of hearts. I write the beautiful moments of love that you and I live, all in sweet words.
  23. When I look at you in the silence of the day, it’s like a wave of sweetness that sweeps me away in sweetness and love.
  24. Just a little kiss, a smile from you and I swim in the greatest happiness.
  25. When you are with me, I ask time to stop walking, and I let myself be carried away in a mad rush towards your heart. Towards happiness, towards love!
  26. I want to write you every day a message of love that comes from a heart that beats and resounds with love for you and you alone my love.
  27. With you I found my happiness, my future, my life. I love you passionately.
  28. My love for you is sometimes visible, sometimes hidden, but always present. Whatever happens I love you.
  29. It is so good to be with you, there is always in the bottom of your eyes this smile which makes me so much good. I love you my dear.
  30. I carry for you a love full of passions, happiness, you who are always there for me, who supports me, makes me want to move forward. I love you.
  31. I am writing this message to say thank you for all the happiness you bring me every day you are exceptional, I love you very much.
  32. You are at home my love when you are at my house
  33. I love getting up in the morning near you, watching you prepare, highlighting your eyes with a pencil, brushing your hair, closing the buttons on your blouseā€¦ I will never get tired of this moment.
  34. I like when you feel good with me because I am super good when you are in my arms!
  35. Your smell, your skin, your magnificent look, your way of making love to me: that’s all that I like about you my love !!
  36. Since I have been with you, a ribbon of sun has been wrapped all around my soul and warms my heart with each passing day.
  37. I love you my angel, you are my sweetness, my happiness. You know, thanks to you, I feel alive, you are my oxygen, the sweetest drug there is.
  38. You are everywhere in me, you live in my whole body even when you are not there.
  39. You entered my heart without being invited, you secretly infiltrated my soul and bewitched it. Since then, I can no longer do without your face, your smile, this love that you offer me without limits. I love you.
  40. You are my drug: I prick myself with your caresses, I shoot myself with your sweet words, I sniff the smell of your body and delirium dreaming of you my treasure.
  41. If they left me the choice between my life and you: I would choose you, because without you, I no longer exist.
  42. Thank you my Love, thank you for your support, your tenderness and your affection that fill me every day. You really are the rare pearl of my life!
  43. My Love, I don’t know how to thank you, you take so much care of me! I am not insensitive to all your little attentions!
  44. Well done, you won a great competition! You have indeed managed to love Laura as she is despite her mood swings and other flaws! You deserve the biggest kisses in the world!
  45. You made my life a dream and I can’t thank you enough for that!
  46. Each of the kilometers that separate us gives me strength to hold on. You are far from me, but love gives me wings to face the distance that separates us. Our love knows no bounds, we will live happy days together, because I love you.
  47. Since the time that we share our love without any cloud, I have realized how much you meant to me. It is by your side that I want to build my life , that we move hand in hand. Do you want to become my wife / husband?
  48. When I think of you, I become fully me. You knew how to reveal me, sublimate me, transform me. Thanks to you, I am happy, fully in love. Thank you for everything you bring me, thank you for being by my side. I love you.
  49. The distance is great between us, but love brings our hearts closer. I can’t wait to find you to prove my love to you, hug you, and cover you with kisses. I hope that these few lines will arouse in you a little more impatience to find me. We will then take advantage of these moments that belong to us.
  50. How many messages have we sent to each other since we got together? Probably not enough yet. Because there are not enough words, nor strong enough, to express the intensity of my passion. Every day, I want to cry out to the whole world, and write in big red letters, how much I love you. Because forever, what I feel for you is etched in my memory and in my heart. I love you.

Some advice:
Much shorter than the letter, the love messages can be sent several times a day. However, it should not be abused at the risk of being rejected.When you receive messages of love and joy, you should not show them to all your friends. Your partner may not appreciate this.

You can take inspiration from the texts that abound on the canvas but remember that this is not worth the fruit of your personal inspiration, especially since you have your muse.


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