Top Best Tamil Movies Download & Stream Sites List


Due to the popularity of Tamil movies, you can see millions of fans being drawn towards Tamil movies.

Who want to stay up to date with latest and new Tamil movies as soon as they are released.

But every time it becomes almost impossible to watch a movie in the cinema. If someone loves to watch a recently released Tamil film, they are unlikely to go to the cinema to watch it.

Most of the people in India who like to download all new or latest Tamil movies as soon as they are released . You must have seen people searching for their favorite Tamil movies to download for free.

Today, there is a plethora of websites that offer you to download Tamil movies for free. But not all these sites are reliable to download the movies that you are looking for.

The basic problem faced by a user is that he does not know the right websites for Tamil movies free download.

In this post, we will update you about the HD Tamil movie download sites that you can go ahead with.

If you are currently looking for some of the best and reliable new Tamil movies download site, then you have landed at the right place.

Today, there are famous websites that allow you to download Tamil movies online. But these are paid sites where you will not get everything for free. Some of these sites are Netflix, ZEE5, amazon prime and many more.

If you do not like to invest anything to download Tamil movies, then you can simply go to Free YouTube Downloader. In this post we are not going to discuss different torrent sites.

We will discuss the list of websites that gives you the option to download free Tamil movies.

In this list, the names of the websites that we are going to talk about are quite active and give you many options to download Tamil movies.

Best Legal Tamil movies download sites:- 

1. Youtube

YouTube is undoubtedly the best online video streaming platform.

Where you can easily watch Tamil movies which are available at any time.

You can watch them online or offline.

Recently, YouTube launched its ad-free program to give users a seamless experience.

And this is the reason why we have positioned YouTube as the number one platform for free Tamil movie download sites.

2. Hotstar

Ever since the telecast of IPL matches started on Hotstar, this site has become very famous in India.

Apart from this, this very popular video streaming site is also considered best for downloading hundreds of Tamil movies.

However, you cannot have everything for free.

You must purchase a subscription to access some of its services. Thus, you can use Hotstar as an alternative to download Tamil movies.

3. Netflix

Netflix is ​​an American company, but it has gained immense popularity around the world including India.

The reason why Netflix is ​​famous in the country is because the website has started streaming movies for the Indian audience as well.

You can try Netflix for a month and get a better review of its services. And for this you need to have Visa or Mastercard card.

If you haven’t used Netflix’s services yet, we suggest you try at least once.

4. Amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is a widely recognized OTT platform exclusively owned in the United States.

The site became popular in the country after the airing of an original web series called Mirzapur.

There is no doubt that Amazon Prime Video is currently one of the cheapest video streaming platforms in the country.

As soon as you become a member or purchase a membership, it provides many services and privileges.

Apart from this, the OTT platform offers a plethora of movies, shorts movies, etc. You can also download loads of Tamil movies for free.

In recent times, the company has emerged as a winner, especially after choosing to expand its network to several countries including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Sweden and Germany.

 5. SEA5

Zee5 is undoubtedly one of the most compelling OTT platforms, especially if you are looking for a mobile app or website portal to download hd tamil movies for free.

You can always use the website or app as they provide the best content that will be engaging and captivating to thousands of users across the world.  Zee5 is known for launching a plethora of web series. Zee5’s first Tamil web series was launched in 2018 under the name America Mappillai.

Please note that this Tamil movie download site is widely available in all countries except the United States.

 6. ALT Balaji

ALTBalaji is counted among the best OTT platforms that offer a vast and unmatched collection of Tamil movies that you cannot miss or ignore.

7. MX player 

Previously, MX player was recognized as a video player only.

Today, it has evolved a lot and has become the best website for streaming popular videos of your choice.

Currently, MX player provides Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam movies for free.

This means that you will not have to pay anything to watch these movies online.

According to the latest update in this regard, Times Group had all the rights and eventually bought MX Player for around $150 million. After that, it became a free OTT platform.

New Tamil movies download sites

Looking at the user’s intention to watch movies online, there are various websites that they can refer.

If we talk about some legal options to download Tamil movies, there are many.

If you are a fan of Tamil movies and want to download Tamil movies or watch Tamil language movies online, then you can follow all the websites mentioned below.

We have listed some such web pages which allow to download free Tamil movies:

Best ways to download Tamil and south movies legally.

The technological revolution has played a major role in the entertainment world.

Today, we have a multitude of web portals that provide access to hundreds of live shows and movies on their online platform.

These include ZEE5, Amazon, Netflix and many more.

As a fan of Tamil movies, you may be interested in downloading Tamil movies online for free on various major web portals like Netflix, Zee5 and many other widely available OTT platforms.

Lastly, we would like to tell our readers that World Famous Hub does not support any pirated website to download Tamil movies from its online platform.

Instead, we encourage the general public to watch their favorite movies in Tamil or any other regional language by opting for legal OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

What are the consequences of downloading movies illegally?

Many questions come to your mind regarding downloading movies from illegal sites like ismini, moviesada, movierulz and other major piracy sites.

It all works according to the Piracy Act in India. According to this law, if a person is caught in an act of illegal activity, he can be sentenced to three years in jail.

In addition, a person caught in the act of illegal activity can also be fined Rs 10 million.

Those who broadcast pirated movies on illegal websites can also be sentenced to jail.


Theft of original content is a crime and should be avoided. Theft, whatsoever, is covered under the Copyright Act. We do not endorse or promote it in any way.

We want you to understand that streaming or downloading movies from piracy or torrent sites is illegal. There are already several laws in place to deal with film piracy.

The above information is for information purposes only. We will not be held responsible if you engage in hacking in any way.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not use illegal means to watch or download movies.

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