Top Technological Advances in Sports

top tech advancement

With sports getting more analytical than ever, it is important to understand how technology has drastically improved the world of sports in general. Today, we are going to talk about some of the biggest innovations in sports that fans take for granted and does really help make the games we watch and play as great as they are. 

One of the biggest technological advances in the sports betting world has definitely been the addition of betting online. Having an online casino means you do not have to leave your house in order to be having skin in the game and that definitely makes it a lot more fun. 

Headsets in Football

When you watch collegiate football and see the sideline having a bunch of signs to indicate what play is being called, it feels like a schoolyard game as it feels childish. Instead, now we have the ability to use headsets that keep all of the coaches in the know from the sideline and in the booth for the coordinators. In the National Football League, a few players are also allowed to hear the play coming from the headset to set up what play will be and how to line up. 

Having a world where the headsets keep the entire coaching staff and captain of that side of the field in the loop, as well as also having different signals for different parts of the team to communicate, it has drastically been an underrated part of the history of the game to make it easier to understand for the players and a better viewing experience for the fans. 

Heart Monitors in Soccer

Using something to ensure the safety of players is definitely going to be the top thing to control things. With the amount of running involved in sports like soccer, as you are consistently running across the field without being substituted out or a break for water, players can become exhausted. With players wearing heart monitors, it makes sure that the coaching staff has access to exhaustion and can prevent injuries and fatal incidents. 

Soccer fields can be a lot hotter than you would imagine, even when you are in a stadium and feel the heat. Now imagine that while running around for 90 minutes. Player safety should be the top priority and having that involved in the sports world definitely is critical to a player and league success. Knowing exactly when a player is getting tired and not being able to lie to their coach or be overused in a game is critical for team success as well. 

Hawkeye System in Tennis

When you talk about replay systems, tennis has the best in the world with their hawkeye system. This system is some cutting-edge technology as it uses multiple cameras at all different angles to project the flight of the tennis ball. The cameras then are able to calculate where a ball would land on the court, thus being able to tell us instantaneously if a ball was in or out of bounds. 

This is some incredible stuff that other sports should be using throughout their games. Imagine this camera used in Major League Baseball to track if a ball is fair or foul instead of looking for chalk to pop up on a replay or a ball in the stands. It can definitely make the pace of play go faster as we are not waiting around for a replay official to determine if a call was correct or needs to be overturned. This is the greatest technological advancement in sports history. 


You sometimes hear people talk about how technology is ruining the sports world, but that is so far from the truth as technology is making it a better product overall and enhancing both the players and the fans. There are more technological advances that could have an argument for making the list but limiting it to three means there are some extremely difficult. Which technological advances in sports helped improve the sport as a whole in your opinion?

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