Trace Dominguez

Trace Dominguez

Trace Dominguez is a actor, producer, writer and host of seeker. He is known for DNews (2012), SGNL by Sony (2010), Braincraft (2014) and Seeker (2016). He is currently the producer, writer, and host of Seeker’s YouTube channel.

His passion and excitement has led me to be featured on Discovery and Science channels, sent him to the Arctic Circle, and helped Seeker win a Webby Award in 2017 for launching a weather balloon to the stratosphere.

He is constantly creating new concepts and ideas for shows. He has spent almost a decade creating original digital media videos, series, shows and channels. Some succeed, some fail, and some evolve into something on their own, but it’s better to kick something amazing into the world, than to never have made it in the first place.

Trace constantly seeks interesting stories in space, biology, history, animals, earth, internet, politics, pop culture, and physics.

Biography, Wiki & Facts

Nick Name: Trace
Full Name: Trace Dominguez
Profession: Producer, Writer, Host
Nationality: American
Birth Place: United States
Date of Birth:
Star Sign:
Martial Status: Single
Not Known
Family Info
Father:  Unknown
Mother:  Unknown
Siblings:  Unknown
Physical Info
Hairs: Brown
Eyes: Black

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