What is Afghanistan Famous For?

What is Afghanistan Famous For?

Below is the general table sheet giving the data from Wikipedia about Afghanistan.

Largest producer of opium65% of global opium poppy cultivation, 95% of world’s market ($64 billion), with 2.9 million opium farmers.Drugs2002
Largest producer of hashish.Drugs2010
Largest producer of heroin.380 tonnes of Heroin in annual production (≈90% of global production).Drugs2012
Largest source of refugeescontinuously since 1980Politics2013
Lowest electricity consumption per capita7.6 kWh per person per yearEnergy2012
Lowest annual energy consumption per capita90 kgoe per person per yearEnergy2011
Highest infant mortality rate119.41 deaths per 1000 live birthsDemographics2013
Highest annual prevalence of opiates use2.65% of populationDrugs2009
Largest recipient of foreign aidUS$6.8847 billion per yearEconomy2014

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