What is Camera HDR Mode, How it Works, Benefits of HDR


Camera HDR Mode – You must have seen the option of HDR in the camera setting of all your Android smartphones. After all, what is this mobile HDR, what is Camera HDR Mode kya hota hai? And what is its advantage in taking photos from mobile, how do we use HDR? We will give you information about all these questions in this article. The full form of HDR is High Dynamic Range, let’s know about it in detail.

What is HDR Camera Mode

What is Camera HDR Mode HDR i.e. High Dynamic Range mobile phone has such a technology with the help of which you can capture a good and better photo even in low light and more bright light. First of all let us tell you that there are different types of exposure in the camera. An image is created by combining different images of all the ranges of HDR, in which one photo is in High Exposure, the second photo is in Low Exposure and the third is in Normal Exposure. A photo is prepared by mixing such photos, it is called HDR photo.

How HDR Camera Mode Works

As we told you Camera HDR Mode helps in taking better photos even in low light and high light. For example, if you are taking a photo in which there is darkness on one side and strong light on the other side, then when you take this photo, there is more brightness in the dark place in low light and more in bright light place. In such a situation, HDR technology comes in handy for us. With the help of this technology, a great color photo can be taken by balancing the low light part and the bright light part.

How to Use Camera HDR (Benefits)

In the above we gave you information about what is HDR, what is Camera HDR Mode and how HDR works. But now we need to know in which conditions we should use HDR.

Use in Low Light

You can use HDR in low light and back light scan. When your incoming photo is too dark due to low backlight, then you can capture photos in a better way due to HDR technology.

Use in excessive sunlight

When you take photos in more strong sunlight, then your face starts shining due to more sunlight, then there you can use HDR mode to reduce the light falling on the face.

Use it to take landscape photos

Whenever you take landscape photos with your phone camera, you can use HDR mode. Because in the landscape image there is more contrast between the earth and the sky. Which you can fix with the help of HDR technology.

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