What is Finland Famous For?

What is Finland Famous For?

Finland: Below is the general table sheet giving the data from Wikipedia about Finland.

Highest consumption of coffee per capita, 11.4 kg / yearConsumption2008
Highest consumption of milk per capita, 361.19 kg / yearConsumption2007
Best environmental performance according to Environmental Performance Index, 90.88Environment2016
Most stable country according to Failed States Index, score of 17.8Politics2015
Most property rights according to International Property Rights Index, score of 8.5[47]Politics2014
Most press freedom according to Freedom of the Press (report) and Press Freedom IndexPolitics2011
Best performance at Drivers’ World Rally Championship, 14 wins by 7 driversSports2014
Most technologically advanced according to the UN’s Technology Achievement Index, 0.744Technology2001
Most Olympic medals per capita.Sports

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