What is SnapChat? Who Owns it & Features


Hello friends. You must have heard the name of Snapchat and probably you must be using this app too. So it becomes important for you to know what is snapchat app.

And you will get the answer of questions like Snapchat founder from which country etc. in this article, so you should read this article completely.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app. Whose size is 57 mb in Google Play Store . Talking about its downloads, it has been downloaded more than 1B+ times.

After that its rating is seen then it is 4.3. Which is said to be very good according to Google Play Store. And 22M people have given this rating during the review.

  • Name– Snapchat
  • Size- 57mb
  • Downloads– 1B+
  • Rating– 4.3
  • App Type– Social
  • Launch By– Snap Inc
  • Developers Contact– [email protected]
  • Official Website– www.snapchat.com
  • Developer Country– U S 

What happens with the Snapchat app

As the word chat is attached to its name, which shows that this app is for chatting. You get many features in this.

Like sending photos to your friends, sending instant messages, video chatting with your friends and recording videos in it.

Videos can be shared to your friends by adding many filters and emoji to it. Also the snapchat app supports 22 languages ​​including English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch.

Who Owns Snapchat

Snapchat app is developed by Snap Ink company. And this company launched this app on 16 September 2011 i.e. about 08 years ago.

Which is available on Android and iOS Platform . The headquarter of this company is in Santa Monica, California, US . Or just say that the snapchat app is from America.

Snapchat Belongs to which country?

The headquarter of the snapchat app is in Santa Monica, California, US. Which is in the California province of America, so you can call it America’s App.


Snapchat Wiki

The idea of ​​​​creating the Snapchat app first came to its co-founder Reggie Brown . Reggie Brown was studying at Stanford University at the time.

That’s when after sending the picture in his mind, the thought that automatically disappeared. Which he told his friend Evan Spiegel.

who had prior business experience. Both of them even joined Bobby Murphy with them. Because he had experience in building apps.

The three kept working together for a few months and on July 08, 2011, these people launched the Snapchat app named Peekaboo for iOS.

Spiegel and Murphy then kicked Reggie Brown out of the company. A few months later, on 16 September 2011, this app was launched in the name of snapchat app.

Snapchat is the company of which country

I have made aware of this in the above article, but I want to tell you again that the company which has developed snapchat, its name is snap ink and it is a US company.

Is Snapchat a Chinese app?

When the company developing Snapchat is headquartered in the US state of California, it clearly shows that this app is not from China, but from America.

Snapchat founder country

Now let’s talk about the founder (founder) of snapchat, at present two people are its founders. In which the first name is of Evan Spiegel and the second name is of Bobby Murphy.

Both of them are native citizens of America i.e. natives of America.

What did the owner of Snapchat say about India?

Snapchat owner Spiegel said in 2015 that Snapchat is only for rich people and they don’t want it to expand to poor countries like India and Spain.

Since then, users of India started deleting this app and with the same started giving lowest rating to this app in Google play store and App Store of iOS.

Due to this the share of Snapchat fell by 1.5%. After that Snapchat said that this app
is for everyone and can be downloaded for free all over the world.


We have given you detailed information about Snapchat. Now by reading this information, you must have understood which country Snapchat belongs to and who is its owner.

Now it is up to you to decide whether you will use this app or not. What do you think about this app, do let us know by commenting. Thank you.

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