Seeta Qasemie

Seeta Qasemie

Seeta was born in Kabul, Afghanistan who is widely known by her professional name, Seeta Qasemie. Ever since she was a child, she was very interested in the art of music. She is now the best Afghan singer, writer, composer and poetess. Currently, Seeta Qasemie lives with her family in Germany.

هر كس بد ما به خلق گويد ما ديده ى دل نميخراشيم
ما خوبى او به خلق گوييم تا هر دو دروغ گفته باشيم

Unlike many other Afghan music artists, she made her television debut with a charity show. During months of Ramadan (Holy Month of Muslims), she visited many families in need and she paved the way for them to tell their heart felt stories and experiences. The show provided the families with help and food. She has been doing the charity show which is called Hamnawa since four years ago and she loves to stand by poor people’s side like a mother.

Coming to the point, Seeta entered the world of music in 2008 and she sings in Dari, Pashto and Hindi languages. In short, Seeta has sung many songs by which she has been praised by awards like: The best new female artist award from ATN in U.S.A in 2009, Afghanistan best duet song award from Ariana TV in Germany in 2012, best female artist award from ATN in India in 2013, best patriotic song award from Rumi Award in 2014, best video award from ATN in India in 2014 and the Best Female Artist Award from ATN in Turkey in 2016.

Seeta Qasemie has an artistic talent on the rise by which she has touched million hearts worldwide.
She has the objective of helping needy people throughout the world, especially poor people in Afghanistan.

REAL NAME: Seeta Qasemie


DATE OF BIRTH: 06, April 1983

AGE: 35
HOME TOWN: Kabul, Afghanistan

PROFESSION: Composer, Singer, Song Writer

COUNTRY: Afghanistan

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