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Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic televangelist and Islamic preacher . He is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation . He was born on 18 October 1965. He is also founder of the peace TV. He has been called an “authority on comparative religion”, perhaps the most influential salafi ideologue in India . The rock star of televangelism and a proponent of modern Islam .

  • Early life

Before becoming a public speaker he trained as a physician. He has published booklet versions of lectures on Islam and comparative religion. Although he has publicly disclaimed sectarianism in Islam , he is regarded as an exponent of the salafi ideology, and by many sources as a radical Islamist promoting Wahhabism. Right now he is banned in China, India , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh and UK under anti terrorism and anti hate laws .

  • Education

He attended Kishinchand Chellaram College and studied medicine at the Topiwala National Medical College and BYL Nair Charitable Hospital and later the University of Mumbai , where he obtained a bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). In 1991 he started working in the field of Dawah , and founded the Islamic preacher Foundation . Naik’s wife , Farhat Naik , is the President of the women’s section of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) .

  • Lecture and debates

He gave lecture and debates on number of issues and topics which includes.

  1. Islamic Supremacy
  2. Music
  3. Punishment for stealing
  4. Women’s right
  5. Homosexuality
  6. Biological evolution
  7. Criticism of media
  8. Other religions
  9. Australia 2004 and Wales 2006
  10. Denial of entry to the UK and Canada , 2010
  11. Gambia 2014
  12. Malaysia 2012, 2016 and 2019
  13. September 11 attacks and Osama bin Laden
  14. Terrorism , killings and suicide bombing
  15. ISIS
  16. BJP and Narendra Modi


  • Awards, titles and honors
  Year of award of     


    Name of award or


      Awarding organisation or government
2013 Sharjah Award for voluntary work 2013 Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi crown prince and deputy Ruler of Sharjah
2014 The insignia of the commander of the National order of the Republic of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh President of the Gambia
2014 Doctor of Humane Letter ( honoris causa) University of the Gambia
Born Mumbai , Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Year active 1991-present
Spouse Farhat Naik
Children Fariq Naik, Zikra Naik, Rushdaa Naik
Known of Dawah

Peace TV (Urdu, Bangla and Chinese)


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