Zong Sim Lagao Offer

Zong Sim Lagao Offer min

Zong sim lagao offer is a way for zong to provide its customers with great offers in limited prices.

If someone has a Zong Sim and has not used it for thirty days, so Zong Sim gifts you a six thousand Zong minutes, six thousand SMS, and it also provides you with four thousand MB of 4G Internet for whole sixty days. This is a big offer but is only provided under a few  conditions and terms. Nothing is actually fully available without terms and conditions because it is really important to follow the rules if you need something effective in your life. So the terms and conditions to avail this offer includes:

  • This offer is available for those only  who have subscribed to  the Zong Sim.
  • The customers are presented 100 Zong minutes and 100 SMS  per day.
  • The subscribers will be getting 2000 MBs on the first day and 2000 MBs on day 31. This data will be allotted for 30 days only and this offer is available for 1 month only so the user will not be able to use the provided data or another month. They will have to get it subscribed again to avail the offer for next month.
  • If the customer gets  the re connection done  then that number will be turned off for the next 180 days.
  • Zong 20, Zong 30 and Zong economy users have full advantage of this  Zong Sim offer.

Most of the Zong Sim users don’t use their sims to achieve this offer for thirty days.

Zong customers who have not used their Sim for thirty days can also use the Zong Sim Lagao Offer easily by just getting a refresh of RS 50. Zong has great options for its old customers and help them use the offers it has been bringing in by time.

Zong customers can also check their free Zong minutes, free SMS and free Internet MBs by downloading My Zong App from play store. They will have a whole outlook of what the offers are and how to avail them if they get the app from play store.

Lastly, customers can get great options messages and phone calls on daily basis or even their month options are available. If you do not have a jazz sim, you still have time to get  a sim and enjoy the zong packages.

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