Top 5 Trending Android Apps In India

Top 5 Trending Android Apps In India

The world is running on technology and making people dependent on it completely. Smartphones are the major development in this field and apps are the backbone of smartphones. Talking about the most used operating system Android, it offers more than 3.5 million apps to install through Google Play Store. So, here are the most trending Android apps in India as the country has smartphone user in billions.

1- WhatsApp

The cross platform social app which allows users to send texts, images, videos, live location, files, and contacts is one of the most trending android apps. WhatsApp is for both mobile devices and desktop computers. One of the most trending apps in India, the app connects people in contact living in any corner of the world. The app doesn’t charge to download in android phones, blackberry or iPhone too.

Two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded WhatsApp in 2009 but now its services are owned by Facebook Inc. Also for small business owners, it launched WhatsApp Business app to connect to their clients and marketize their business.

2- Facebook

The most popular social media app on the globe is undoubtedly Facebook which connects users with every corner of the world. The founder Mark Zuckerburg, a student from Harvard University developed this app in 2004. Also, Facebook is one of the Big Five technology companies other than Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Over the years, the company has taken over Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

The app can be enjoyed on personal computers, tablets and smartphones. To access the app, users are required to create Facebook id submitting personal information. Then users can interact with other people known or unknown. Facebook allows users to send text, and share photos and videos. They also can like any picture or video, comment on them and share them with their friends on facebook.

Facebook is used by over 2.3 billion users on a monthly basis. Seeing the popularity and demand, it launched Facebook Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal.

3- SHAREit

The Chinese utility app SHAREit is a free file sharing app which has more than 1 billion registered users and 400 million monthly active users. Launched in April 2015, the app is used to transfer photos, videos, apps, files, music, and contacts. It allows android phone users to share the files and is available in 45 languages. The SHAREit app transfers files with speed faster than Bluetooth and NFC with secured internet protocol.

It is also one of the top 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play store for the past 10 years alongwith with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. SHAREit also has a faster version SHAREit Lite which allows users to share photos, videos, music etc face to face with no limitation on file type or file size.

4- UC Browser

UC Browser tops the list of most downloaded android apps in 2019 in India. Google Crome being the default app in most mobile devices couldn’t beat UC Browser. UC Web, the Chinese mobile internet company developed this app. It was originally released in the year 2004.

Apart from browsing, users can download different data simultaneously. It also allows reading pages offline and allows pausing and resuming downloads. There is no need to open the app while downloading. The app is supported in Android and iOS and has old versions for operating systems such as Windows, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian and Windows Phone. In March 2014, the number of registered users of UC Browser was 500 million and 100 million monthly active users were reported in 2016. The browser also uses data compression and cloud acceleration technology.

5- Truecaller

Sweden based dialer app is one of the trending Android apps in India. Mainly designed for caller identification and call blocking, now it provides features like call recording, flash messaging, and chat. With providing cell number, users can register to Truecaller. It was released in 2009 for Blackberry. Later seeing the response, it was launched for Microsoft Windows mobile and Symbian and then for Android and Apple Iphone users. The app crossed 200 million monthly users as of 4 February 2020 and 150 million users were from India.

For Indian users, Truecaller launches its SMS app ‘Truecaller Messenger’ which enables the app users to identify the sender of SMS to their number.

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