5 Negative Effects of Excess Sugar Consumption for Your Skin

5 Negative Effects of Excess Sugar Consumption for Your Skin

You definitely realize that the bad effects of sugar can harm your body’s health. Starting from obesity, diabetes, to cancer caused by sugar. But did you know that sugar can also harm your skin health?

When you eat sugar then the body will quickly convert it into glucose that increases insulin levels in the body. Then there is inflammation that can adversely affect the skin as follows.


Sugar causes inflammation in your body. Then the inflammation will cause your skin acne, easy infection, and flushed.

► Wrinkles

Inflammation did not only cause acne, but also resulted in wrinkles. Because sugar will attack healthy collagen in the skin and when collagen weakens, then your skin will be dull, wrinkled, and dry.

► Blood sugar is not balanced

Sugar in any form changes blood sugar levels in the body. When you eat sweet foods, your blood sugar levels rise rapidly. Shortly, when insulin is released into your cells, your blood sugar levels drop. This drastic reduction in blood sugar creates internal stress in the body, which causes acne and dull skin.

► Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are molecules that cause inflammation and damage to cells in the body. Free radicals cause damage to cells that produce aging. Research shows that sweet and high sugar foods create free radicals in the body.

► Dry skin

Sugar will suck water from inside your body cells causing dry, swollen, and dull skin.

Without realizing it turns out sugar can give bad effects on your skin. Therefore, reduce your sugar consumption so that skin health is maintained in particular and the health of the whole body is also maintained in general.

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