Top 5 Most Exciting Android Games, You Will Definitely Want To Play Once!


Hello friends, today our article is for those people who are more interested in games because today I will  tell you about the 5 most exciting Android games that you will definitely want to play once. The specialty of this game is that no matter how many times you play it, you will never get bored.

Who does not like to play the game In today’s era, even the smallest child and old man plays the game. Do you know that our mind is active by playing games? It does not matter that you Game Keep playing but if you have Time so Game Must Go Play.

5 most exciting Android games

First of all, let me tell you that to play this game you must have an Android smartphone, because all these games run only on smartphones with Android operating system. You will get all these games easily in Google Play Store, which you can download and play.

#1 PUBG Mobile (Battleground)


PUBG Mobile (Battleground) was an action game that recently I launch this game in the Tencent Games is known for that which had Invent best Action Games and today it is the Best Android Game is | Friends, as soon as this game was uploaded on the Google Play Store, it got 3 lakh downloads in 1 day, from this you can guess why this game is the best Android game. If you like to play Action Games then definitely download it.

#2 Ludo King


Ludo King is a Ludo Game that was invented by Gamotronix Board and is currently running in the Top Trending list. This game is a family game that you can play with all the family members sitting together. This game has been downloaded over 100 Million so far and the Ratings of this game is 4.4/5. If you want to play the game sitting with the family, then definitely download it.

#3 Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is a very popular game that is currently running in # 1 Trending. This game has been downloaded over 500 Million so far and Ratings of this game is 4.4/5. In this game you will get many types of Play Mode and by using your mind, you will easily reach from 1 Level to another level. This game is also the best Android Game.

#4 World Cricket Championship 2


World Cricket Championship 2 is also a very popular game like Nextwave Multimedia has invented. This game is a cricket game in which you will get many types of grounds and if we talk about its commentary then it has both Hindi and English commentary. And if we talk about its Graphics, then in this game you will get HD Graphics. In this game you will get to play all types of Matches of T20ODITest. Overall, it will make you feel like you are playing in real. In this game you will get to see many types of Leagues like IPL, BBL Wagaira-Vagaira. If you want to play a cricket game then you must download this game.

#5 Dr. Driving


Dr. Driving to SUD Inc. Has Invented and it has been running on Top Trending on Google Play Store for almost 2 years. This game has been downloaded over 100 Million so far and the Ratings of this game is 4.5/5. In this game you will get many types of Driving Challenges and if you talk about the specialty of this game, then if you play this game, then driving will come very easily because if you play this game well then only you will get the next level Will arrive at In this game, you can also learn how to park the car by playing this game. If you want to learn real driving then you must download it.

So friends, in this article today, I told you about the 5 Best Android Games in the world. I hope you will find our “This is the 5 most exciting Android games, you will definitely want to play once” article. If you have any doubt, then comment and tell below and if you want this information to reach others, then share this article with your friends or family members.

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