Top 5 Ways To Lighten Your Lips Naturally At Home

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Having red and healthy lips is the desire of all people, especially women. For those of you who have problems with the lips especially those that are associated with the dangers of smoking may be a recommendation to overcome them. A powerful way to make the lips red is by using natural ingredients. By using natural ingredients will get good results as well as natural but requires a time process that is not instant and need patience.

Here are some ways to make red lips using natural ingredients:

How To Brighten Lips With Natural Materials

1- Honey
 Already we know in general honey is very useful to nourish the body, but it turns out honey can also be useful to redden the lips naturally. How to use it you can apply it on the lips evenly, more effectively if done at night before bed. And in a day you can 1-2 times apply it.
2- Avocado
How to redden the lips naturally the second is avocado, after we know that avocado is very good for health and beauty. In addition to avocado fruit easy to obtain is also very easy to use it, ie after peeled slices of avocado then crush until soft then mixed into it a few drops of olive oil. Then apply on your lips evenly with a fine massage then let a few moments then wash the lips with warm water.
3- Rose Water
Roses are already familiar to us all. And it turns out this rose can be used to redden the lips way by soaking roses for 15-20 minutes, then take the water and then apply it on your lips and let stand a moment after it washed with warm water.
4- Lime
Lime is very easy to obtain is also very useful for facial treatments, lime can also be used to redden the lips naturally by taking the lime juice 2 – 3 tablespoons then mixed with a little warm water then apply on your lips evenly let sit some time ( – + 15 minutes) and wash with warm water, you can repeat 1-3 times a day.
5- Orange and Pomegranate Fruit
The content of vitamin C contained in citrus fruits is very good for making the lips healthy and does not break. However, for the pomegranate to enlarge the lips and make the lips red, this is because in this fruit contain anthocyanin. Therefore, consume this fruit regularly to make your lips healthy and brightly colored fresh. One way is to make these two pieces into juice and then freeze in the freezer, after frozen topical – rub on your lips. Do this routinely to get maximum results.
So how to make your lips to be healthy red with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are very good for health, just need patience for us to do it. Hope it can be useful …

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