12 Best Console and PC Games you can play on your mobile


If there is one thing that can be said about people these days, it’s that they have a healthy appetite for gaming. The internet makes sharing your experiences with gamers worldwide simple and easy, through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.  

One niche of the gaming community that has been growing in recent years is the mobile gaming market. Thanks to high powered phones and high end graphics, we can play some of the most highly acclaimed and most popular games in the world, on our phones.

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  • Minecraft (Pocket Edition) (Mobile) – iOS, Android

The venerable block building game that started it all is now available to play on mobile. Although the mobile version of Minecraft isn’t as feature rich as its PC cousin, there are still many fun hours to have by players worldwide.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Mobile) – iOS, Android

One of the best games in the top-down GTA series is now available for mobile devices to play. Rockstar Games has done an amazing job at bringing this classic to mobile phones, and it’s still just as much exciting to play now as it was back in the PS2 days.

  •  Asphalt 8: Airborne (Mobile) – iOS, Android

If you love fast cars and arcade racing games, then you should definitely check out Asphalt 8 on your smartphone! This ridiculously fun mobile racer is a must play for any fan of top-down racing games.

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars (Mobile) – iOS, Android

Another GTA game is on this list! Rockstar’s latest entry in the popular franchise, GTA V (T), hasn’t been released on mobile devices yet. However, they have made previous installments available for small screen play. If you’re looking for a GTA experience that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent your entire life savings, you should check out Chinatown Wars.

  •  Brothers in Arms 3 (Mobile) – iOS, Android

The popular FPS has finally made its way to mobile devices! Brothers in Arms 3 is a great game with excellent graphics and immersive gameplay. If you’re looking for a good shooter on mobile, this is definitely the one for you.

  •  Dungeon Hunter 4 (Mobile) – iOS, Android

The fourth installment of Gameloft’s popular hack ‘n slasher, Dungeon Hunter has brought a lot of features to the table. With an interesting story mode and exciting gameplay, this mobile game should be checked out by any fan of Diablo or ARPGs in general.

  •  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Mobile) – iOS, Android

A classic installment of GTA now available for mobile devices. One of the most critically acclaimed games in the series has finally made its way to smartphones everywhere.

 If you need an open world crime game with a great story and gameplay, you should definitely check out Vice City on mobile.

  • Final Fantasy V (Mobile) – iOS, Android

For many JRPG fans, this game was their first foray into the series. With an expansive story and fun combat system, Final Fantasy V is one of the best games in its franchise. It also brought about some innovations to the series such as the job system and a new combat interface. 

This mobile version is a direct port of the iOS/Android PC version, so you can expect nothing less than an excellent JRPG experience on your phone.

  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Mobile) – iOS, Android

If you love first person shooters, try this mobile game should be your next stop! In recent years, Gameloft has been releasing some of the best FPS games on the mobile market. One such installment is their most recent one, Modern Combat 5. If you’re looking for a great multiplayer FPS, you should definitely check out Blackout.

  • The Room Three (Mobile) – iOS, Android

If puzzle games are more your speed, then you should definitely check out the latest installment of Fireproof Games’ popular series! With a unique gameplay hook and plenty of puzzle variety, you’ll be glued to your phone trying to solve the mysteries of The Room Three.

  •  Halo: Spartan Strike (Mobile) – iOS, Android

If you’re a fan of Bungie’s incredibly popular franchise then you should definitely check out this mobile installment! In this top-down shooter players get a chance to relive their favorite moments from Halo in a unique gameplay style.

  • Rayman Fiesta Run (Mobile) – iOS, Android

If you’re interested in platforming games then you have to give Rayman Fiesta Run a try! This mobile game is not only fun but also quite challenging. With plenty of levels and challenges for players to complete, this 2D platformer should keep you busy for a while.

There you go guys, you’ve now got some console and pc games that you can play on your mobile phones right now. If there are games that you know and think that they have been on this list, feel free to comment below.

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